Klaus Schwab Brags WEF Can ‘Fact Check Your Subconscious’ by ‘Hacking Your Dreams’

Fact checked
Scientists have a stark warning for us: the globalist elite can now hack your dream, fact check your subconscious, and target your dreams with mind control messages to influence your behavior — and they are already rolling out the technology. 

Scientists have a stark warning for us: the globalist elite can now hack your dreams, fact check your subconscious, and target your dreams with mind control messages to influence your behavior — and they are already rolling out the technology. 

Mind control for the masses, in which even our dreams are controlled and manipulated – with or without our consent – is the future for humanity, according to the global elite.

What will this look like in reality? If an ordinary person who was raised in a good Christian home happens to be operating under the illusion that a woman cannot have a penis, or that pedophilia is evil, don’t worry, the WEF will hack his dreams, penetrate his subconscious, and rewire his thoughts.

But there are brave scientists who are resisting the siren song of the globalist elite.

40 sleep researchers have signed an open letter calling on legislators to ban “targeted dream incubation (TDI),” according to Science Magazine. In the letter, they warned that large multinational corporations, who are working hand-in-glove with the World Economic Forum, are already engineering the dreams of normal people and influencing their behavior.  

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As Yuval Noah Harari, chief advisor to Klaus Schwab recently admitted, the World Economic Forum is following in the footsteps of authoritarian dictators in pursuing the dream of eliminating privacy, monitoring everyone, and knowing everything you think, dream, feel and do:

“Dictators always dreamt about eliminating privacy, monitoring everyone, knowing everything you do, think, and feel … It is now possible.”

Yuval Noah Harari

These dreams of Harari and his WEF colleagues are well on their way to realization.

Having a corporation needle its way into your dreams is definitely a scenario you’d see play out in a cyberpunk story — but it’s actually happening in reality.

Coors Light is one of the companies who has been given access to the technology in order to gain the trust of gullible members of the public who are happy to experimented upon. Some people learnt nothing from the Covid pandemic.

Meet Deirdre Barrett, dream psychologist, editor of the academic journal Dreaming and WEF contributor.

So… did it work? The globalist elite have pumped unfathomable amounts of time and money into the agenda to mind control the human race, so you bet it worked.

Though dream engineering currently requires our active participation, sleep researchers warn of a new dark reality, where bad actors employ passive TDI tactics through things like smart speakers.

“[It] is easy to envision a world in which smart speakers […] become instruments of passive, unconscious overnight advertising, with or without our permission,” the letter authors said. “These tailored soundtracks would become background scenery for our sleep, as the unending billboards that litter American highways have become for our waking life.”

It is a pertinent warning, especially when you consider the World Economic Forum has declared that your thoughts are no longer your own. Your thoughts now belong to Klaus Schwab and the WEF. And you shouldn’t try to fight this dystopian development, because it’s for your own good.

According to Nita Farahany, the WEF now own your thoughts thanks to the development of a new generation of smart headbands, smart hats, ear buds and even tattoos, the WEF can monitor your emotional states, control your dreams, decode images you are seeing in your mind, and even gain access to your biggest secrets, or the your pin number to your bank account.

They weren’t kidding when they said you will own nothing. It’s the part about being happy they were probably joking about it.

Klaus Schwab has long been discussing a future where brain chips will be implanted in human subjects to control their thoughts.

He believes that brain chips will allow a “fusion of the physical, digital and biological world,” in other words, transhumanism.

During a 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting, Klaus Schwab asked Google co-founder Sergey Brin if he could envision a future where everyone has a brain chip.

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are ecstatic that transhumanist Elon Musk is determined to start testing brain implants in humans ASAP.

In 2008 Musk was a WEF Young Global Leader, bowing and scraping to the globalist elite along with Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau, all of whom went on to become far-left authoritarians as prime ministers and presidents in WEF-infiltrated countries.

In 2016, Elon Musk founded Neuralink, a company whose goal is to connect the human brain to a computer. The company is developing an ultra-high bandwidth brain chip to connect humans, computers, and artificial intelligence, what Musk refers to as “a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires.”

In 2017, Musk expressed the exact same sentiments as Globalist WEF Founder Klaus Schwab.

During the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai, Musk explained that Artificial Intelligence was progressing so rapidly that humans would have to merge with digital intelligence to become a sort of AI-human hybrid.

In 2020, Musk and Neuralink demonstrated their success with implanting just such a chip in pigs, with humans being their next target.

In 2021, Musk touted Neurlink’s progress in a disturbing video in which he claimed a 9-year-old male macaque monkey is playing ping-pong with his own mind. Neuralinks were placed on each side of the monkey’s brain, according to the video. The links track the parts of the brain focused on hand and arm movements and record the neural activity.

Elon Musk then confirmed that he would start testing brain implants in humans by the end of 2022, even though the majority of his brainchipped lab monkeys either died or chewed their fingers off, while experiencing horrific suffering including having holes drilled into their skulls.

Mind control for the masses, in which even our dreams are controlled and manipulated, is the grisly reality Klaus Schwab and his cronies have envisioned for the future of humanity.

These are dark and treacherous times for the human race. Despite the assurances of the mainstream media, the globalist elite gathering in Davos do not have our best interests at heart. They are not improving the state of the world.

wef new worl order

They are committed to improving their own lives, depopulating the planet, and condemning the rest of us to live in a form of technological slavery, without possessions, privacy or free will.

But the future has not been written and the globalist elite will not win. The people of the world are slowly waking up.

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  1. The Pope rules the law every aspect of it, globally His Morality decides He is as God. They serve HimHe is King of Kings.
    All of them.
    And that’s not a dream It’s reality.

  2. What do I think?? Read Psalms Chapter 2, particularly verse 4. It applies to Mr. Swabb and friends.

  3. Does he know he is a advertisement i stopped when he became a Herbalife add. Sounds like the futurama future spam advertising evrywhere…. No thanks seems people will start sleeping in Faraday cages lead wallpapers. Tinfoil hat designers newest nightcap… I think those things go certainly against human rights and privacy it’s brain washing how is that even better than chinas re education camps…. The world is allready full of sublinimal advertising s e x letters embedded in adds and reversed speech, and all the scam and spam..

  4. Claus is such a hard working little nazi.
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  5. The ALPHAwave is way way OUSIDE of their Scope of understanding&tech.WHILE ELF&synratronical wireless can try to interface and pick up your brainwave and voice and Get in front of your brain mapping thusly getting control.You can see their FN satellites&Tower cams drones so on and countercast and sheild so on nothin new about brain washing TECH.FEAR mongers KILL by fear alone

  6. that fat fk can claim anything he wants, but doesn’t mean he can do what he claims or will ever be able to.
    That whole chip to monkey brain thing was a trick, don’t believe it. You can’t translate thoughts in your brain to 1’s and 0’s. It is complete science fiction.
    Elon tried with his monkeys, and they were playing the game just watching the ping dot moving around the screen and holding the knobs. holding the knobs completed a circuit and it released the sweet drink. if the monkey let go of the knobs the valve would close and the drink would not dispense. the monkey watched the dot and the paddle move, because, like humans, it was something to do while sitting there drinking the sweet drink.
    The monkey was not playing the game for pete’s sake. please.
    He was sitting there probaly sucking down a milk shake, and like humans sitting on a park bench, looking at their phones.

  7. Nikki Haley is a prominent member of WEF according to their website. 2/3 of congress are also members.

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  8. All of their technology has been an utter failure. Elon’s brain chips maimed or killed every primate he put it in. Keep dreaming Klaus, keep dreaming.

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