‘Racial Justice Begins with Joe Biden’s Retirement’ Says Trump

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President Trump has blasted former Vice President Joe Biden over his failure to help the black community.

At a rally in Tulsa on Saturday Trump said: “I have done more for the black community in four years then Joe Biden has done in 47 years” adding that “Racial justice begins with Joe Biden’s retirement from public life.”

Breitbart reports: Trump called Biden a “shameless hypocrite” for accusing people of racism, recalling that Biden delivered “fawning eulogies” for three different Democrats who once supported segregation and one who was even a former member of the KKK.

“Now Biden is now smearing as racists tens of millions of people like yourselves, decent hard-working Americans who he’s never met,” Trump said.

Trump reminded that he secured permanent funding for historically black colleges and universities, helped revitalize communities with tax-incentivized Opportunity Zones, and he signed criminal justice reform.

The president said that Biden should not be trusted to help America heal the country on issues of race or to help black communities.

“America should not take lectures on racial justice from Joe Biden,” he said. “A man who praised and partnered with segregationists and shipped millions of black American jobs overseas.”

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  1. Exactly The worst twenty cities in America are all Democratic governed That’s their intentions really Destruction by immorality, drugs crime degeneration of the entire nation into a cesspool comparable to the very dregs of Sodom and Gomorrah .. That’s their reality They have those perverse ideology ,secretly, that the way to bring God into the world is to fill it with every evil imaginable under the Sub .That’s their story anyway. Truly ,that their ” belief ” system so they say .

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