32 Climate Predictions That Were Proven False

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Many people belive, or have been led to believe, that climate change will soon cause the end of human civilization on the planet.

According to Wikipedia a climate apocalypse (also called a climate dystopia and a climate-induced collapse, among other names) generally denotes a predicted scenario involving the global collapse of human civilization and potential human extinction as either a direct or indirect result of anthropogenic climate change.

However many previous ‘predicted scenarios‘ have been proven false.

On his channel Facts Matter, Roman Balmakov reports about the Inconvenient Truth:

Right now, many people below the age of 30 in America are under the impression that the world is going to end in just a few short years

And the reason that they have this impression is not a mystery. For instance, if you happen to be in New York City, and you take a casual stroll down Union Square, you’ll come across a massive doomsday clock—which is literally counting down the time that we have left before the supposed effects of global warming become irreversible.

That clock was set up right around the time that several lawmakers began to float the idea publicly that we only have 12 years left before the world ends.

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