Britain Sends 10,000 Troops To UK Streets Amid Fears Of ISIS Attack

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Britain to deploy 10,000 troops to the UK streets to protect against terrorism threat

British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to deploy ten thousand military troops to the streets of Britain in order to support the police in defending Britain against ISIS terrorist attacks. 

Following a visit to French president Francois Hollande in Paris, Cameron said “as the murders on the streets of Paris reminded us so starkly, ISIL is not some remote problem thousands of miles away – it is a direct threat to our security at home and abroad.” reports:

The PM vowed to “get rid of the divide that there’s been for many years about the deployment of military personnel on the streets of Britain”.

“In the past we had rather an artificial divide between these two functions and I think it’s time to get rid of it.”

Meanwhile, Islamic State extremists will try to attack Britain with chemical weapons and bomb British jets out of the sky, the Strategic Defence and Security Review warns.

Terrorist thugs are plotting fresh ways to inflict carnage on the UK and the review says: “Passenger aircraft remain a primary target for some terrorist groups.

“Some groups, especially ISIL and al-Qaeda will also try to acquire chemical, biological and radiological capabilities.”

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