Corona Committee Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Is Still In Prison

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Distinguished lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich is still in prison 6 weeks after being arrested.

Fuellmich, who is a key figure in the Corona Investigative Committee, has dedicated the last few years to scrutinising the corporate agenda surrounding the Covid plandemic.

He had hoped to eventually bring the perpetrators of the evil Covid plan to justice, but his imprisonment along with recent allegations against him, have put a very large spanner in the works.

Expose News reports: On October 13, 2023, Dr Fuellmich was apprehended at the German consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, where he was escorted to Germany and subsequently arrested. There is speculation, that Reiner Fuellmich was arrested in an attempt to deliberately silence him and put a stop to any Corona Committee legal proceedings, termed Nuremberg 2, and of course, this has succeeded.

However, there are allegations centered on Fuellmich “misappropriating funds” as the managing director of the “Corona Committee Foundation,” which over the years has garnered significant donations from the global COVID “truther” movement.

The Gottingen, public prosecutor’s office in Germany, has accused Fuellmich of diverting funds intended for the foundation’s mission and that disturbing evidence pointed to substantial transfers from the foundation’s accounts into the personal accounts of his wife Inka.

Allegedly among these transactions was a series of 20 transactions with payments totaling €200,000 to Inka in November 2020 and another alleged transaction involving €500,000 reportedly occurred in May of the following year.

These charges implicated Fuellmich in financial misconduct and have cast a shadow over his role as a global figure in the COVID investigation and quite clearly the arrest and legal proceedings will have been a pivotal moment in his legal career.

The uncertainty surrounding the allegations has left his future in legal circles shrouded in ambiguity, with repercussions for both his reputation and professional standing, according to author Utsav Shrestha who cited German site Tagesspiegel for the above information.

Many readers have shown concern for him and the Expose has attempted to keep everyone updated on his situation whenever there has been any news.

November 27th – Still in Prison – Still Strong
Before the arrest of Reiner Fuellmich, Roger Bittel of Biettel Tv aired a one-hour summary from him. Now he does a “ThoughtSending for Reiner Fuellmich.” He keeps the time and space free for Reiner Fuellmich, and a few thousand people are there live every time” according to lawyer/friend Elsa Scheider.

Roger Bittel shared the following update on the 27th of November.

“He is doing well considering the circumstances.
He has become more sensitive, but he is still strong!
He has now received a mechanical typewriter.
He will comment on all the allegations.
He is very happy to receive mail from people.
He has noticed that a few people hold a vigil outside the prison every Thursday and Saturday at 11 a.m. with banners saying “Thank you, Reiner, for your work for the Corona Committee” and “Freedom for Reiner Fuellmich”.
It does him a lot of good to know that people are thinking of him and have not forgotten him. “

Bittel said that he has an idea for his next sending. “By next week Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will have been a prisoner for 49 days! He can’t get used to the idea – and many thousands of other people can’t get used to the idea either! On the one hand, it is enough to bring one to tears. On the other hand, he keeps telling himself over and over again: “It is all supposed to be so! Who knows what it’s good for…”Source

December 3rd and Six Weeks in Prison

Yesterday there was a message published from Reiner, which was read by Roger Bittel on on Sunday night. In German: From 5:00 to 7:40.)

English translation of the Message From Reiner Fuellmich

Hello everyone,

After six weeks of imprisonment, I would like to deeply thank all the people who write to me. There are thousands. I read everything. Everything in those letters from appreciation of the quality of the work done and above all the positive energy sent to me is a rescue boat that will bring me to freedom so we can continue to bring forward our joint work. Because it isn’t over.

The corona pandemic was only the test run to find out what people will go along with when we put them into panic through psycho-terror. We must look behind the panic propaganda, so we can see the truth. Without justice there is no peace and no returning to a humane world. 

That also holds for my case.

Today for the first time I want to address the charges against me that are meant to damage my international reputation as a lawyer but also me as a person. I will together with my legal team ensure that the full truth comes to light, and that those who have done this are brought to justice.  

I will go into the background of everything and show how the money from the sale of the house of myself and my wife were simply taken from us – that is, our entire financial existence was taken and that is how the entire Mexican plot was created which led to my arrest and much more.

I thank all of you, 

Reiner Fuellmich 

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