Woke Meghan & Harry Threaten Spotify: “Delete Joe Rogan, or We’ll Close You Down”

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Harry and Meghan threaten spotify, ordering them to remove Joe Rogan from their platform or face consequences

‘Woke’ royal couple Meghan and Harry have put Spotify on notice, warning them that unless they remove Joe Rogan from their platform they will be put out of business for good.

Markle and her husband Harry have demanded that Spotify censor non-mainstream views on the platform that go against COVID orthodoxy.

“Since the inception of Archewell, we have worked to address the real-time global misinformation crisis,” a statement from the Trump-hating couple states.

“Hundreds of millions of people are affected by the serious harms of rampant mis- and disinformation every day.”

“Last April, our co-founders [Meghan and Harry] began expressing concerns to our partners at Spotify about the all too real consequences of COVID-19 misinformation on its platform,” the statement adds.

“We have continued to express our concerns to Spotify to ensure changes to its platform are made to help address this public health crisis.”

Breitbart.com reports: The organisation’s criticisms come despite Meghan and Harry having a lucrative deal with Spotify reportedly worth $25m, with the royal duo being recruited into hosting and producing podcasts.

However, despite the deal, as of this reporting, only one podcast — a holiday special uploaded in 2020 — has been posted by the pair on Spotify under their Archewell Audio brand, with no additional content being published in 2021.

Both Harry and Meghan, since abandoning their royal duties in 2020, have become heavily involved in tackling alleged online “misinformation”, with Harry previously describing “vaccine disinformation” online as a “digital pandemic”.

The black-sheep prince also claims to have warned then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that the social media platform was “allowing a coup to be staged” before the January 6 riot.

Now it appears that the pair have turned the attention of their anti-fake news campaign on  UFC commentator-turned-podcast host Joe Rogan, who has earned the ire of a number of musicians over some of his podcast’s contents.

Rogan — whose podcasts have racked up millions of listens online — has recently become the focal point of heavy criticism after left-wing rocker Neil Young demanded that Spotify remove him from the platform over misinformation concerns.

Denouncing how the company was “spreading fake information about vaccines”, Young threatened to pull his own music off the platform should the company fail to censor Rogan.

Spotify has since decided to bite the proverbial bullet regarding the ultimatum, announcing that it would be taking Young’s music off of its platform, but that it hoped that it would “welcome him back soon”.

California-based songwriter Joni Mitchell has since joined Young in taking her music off of the streaming service over Rogan’s continued presence.

“Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives,” Mitchell said regarding the decision. “I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.”


  1. These two are the LAST people on earth to be lecturing others about being dishonest. Jeez, and their memories are only as long as 140 characters, just 2 months ago, the wannabe kween admitted to lying TO THE COURT (she called it forgetfulness). Howcome then, she can remember every last detail about her first car from years ago, but couldn’t remember briefing the PR team? And then call it forgetfulness.

    Spotify signed them up for a huge contract to create ‘content’ (whatever that means) and all they’ve managed to do is one podcast in a whole year. So, who are they putting Spotify on their terms? I’m not a Joe Rogan fan, but he has not lied to the court and he actually does produce, a lot. What, other than a lot of hot, stinky air, does this useless pair produce?

  2. Interesting fact that is being ignored here. While most of the biggest corporations in the world are owned by the holding company Vanguard, Spotify is not. We can’t see who owns Vanguard, because it is a private company, but I think we can guess, based on who is now jumping in to vilify Spotify. It appears we live in an Orwellian corporate dictatorship, which owns and controls nearly everything, from the mainstream media, social media, the hardware companies that make your phones, the software companies and algorithms that control which information you are allowed to see, and which is censored. So companies like Spotify and TikTok are the only ones that are independent, and do not have conflicting interests and hidden agendas. If you have a brain, you will know which ones are lying to you.

    If this all sounds a bit like crazy “conspiracy theory” to you, then I suggest, firstly, switch off the TV – it has rotted your brain. Secondly, go to Yahoo Finance, look up any huge multinational that you can think of (like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Apple, Microsoft, Pepsi, Coca Cola etc), then go to “Holding Companies” to see who owns them. You will see the top shareholders are Vanguard and Blackrock. And if you look up Blackrock – it is owned by Vanguard.

  3. Who are you guys to decide for everyone else what is misinformation! If you think Joe Rogan is telling lies, then have your own article or podcast giving evidence that he is lying… so far, I have seen more outright lying by the CDC and Biden, i would prefer to see both sides of any issue then compair for myself!!! As for costing lives, if you are talking about the jab… it isn’t preventing anything, and instead seems to be killing quite a few athletics and other hard working active, healthy people!

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