Alligator Sightings In Bell Vernon, Pennsylvania River Sparks Fear

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The American Alligator is a ferocious, dangerous, and very deadly animal responsible for countless deaths every year.  They are native to the American south, with most cases of sightings, violence, and death occurring in states they are native to – such as Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.

While urban legends of alligators living in the subway system of New York City have held for years, they have never been proven.  Sightings occur in strange places, but normally in places where the weather alligators prefer, exists.  Pennsylvania is not one of those places.

According to a report from CBS entitled “More People Come Forward, Claim Gator Sightings In Mon River“:

More people are now coming forward, claiming they also spotted an alligator in the Mon River.

Southwest Regional Police Chief John Hartman says Thursday the department received six new reports of prior sightings.

Hartman says the people who reported seeing the gator were reluctant to say anything until they saw reports Wednesday.

At least two other people reported seeing what’s believed to be a 6- to 7-foot-long alligator swimming upstream.
The first report came in Tuesday night.

“A local resident was down here at the wharf and saw that he believed was a log going against the current upstream. He shined a spotlight on what he believed was a log and lit up what he identified as an alligator. He said he’s been a fisherman in these waters all his life, he knows what he saw. It was not a fish, it was an alligator,” said Chief Hartman. “The head of the gator was out of the water about seven inches and he saw the eyes shining, two eyes looking at him.”

Another person reported spotting something in the water Monday afternoon.

“I saw this small duck swimming across just by itself,” Josh Adams, of Brownsville, said. “And I thought that was odd that it was by itself, and I was standing there watching it for a few seconds, and then boom, it went underwater pretty fast like it got pulled under the water and didn’t comeback up at all.”

Police are asking residents to keep their eyes peeled and call with any possible sightings.

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