Remote Control Humans Could Become A Reality

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remote control

Have you ever wanted to be remote controlled like a robot?  Well, scientists are creating  a “human cruise control” that can act as a remote control and steer you in the right direction.

Germany researchers will present a paper to the human computer interaction conference in Seoul next week about their device which can control the direction of a person’s movements by stimulating their thigh muscles.

According to GeoBeats News:

A device is being developed by researchers in Germany that can determine the direction in which its human wearers walk.
“Human cruise control,” as they call it, involves a system where electrodes are attached to a person’s sartorius muscles which cross the thighs and can steer the body’s direction depending on which leg is stimulated.

 Electrodes are attached to a common electrical muscle stimulation device and a Bluetooth-enabled waist pack.

remote control
Directing the action is a nearby person who steers the legs through a remote control-like app. In the first test, 18 blindfolded participants were recruited to be directed indoors although the results from only 11 were analyzed for various reasons that included feeling no muscle actuation.
In a second test, four participants were guided around a park.
One person’s legs did not respond which was attributed to their leg fat preventing proper stimulation.
Though the project is still being developed, the goal is to allow people to walk around without consciously thinking about it or even to help guide authorities in low-visibility operations.
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