DOJ Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Sexually Assaulting 13 Young Women

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Andrew Cuomo accused of sexually assaulting dozens of underage girls

The Justice Department (DOJ) has accused former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of violently sexually assaulting at least 13 young women.

According to NY AG Letitia James, Cuomo criminally broke both state and federal law when he sexually assaulted 13 state employees. reports: James said Cuomo harassed current and former state employees and created a hostile work environment.

The 165-page report said Cuomo created a toxic work environment ‘rife with fear and intimidation, and helped enable harassment to occur and created a hostile work environment.’

Cuomo was forced out in 2021 after Letitia James released her report.

The Justice Department on Friday concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed at least 13 women.

ABC News reported:

The U.S. Justice Department concluded former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed more than a dozen state employees, according to a settlement announced Friday that confirmed allegations from the damaging misconduct probe that led to the Democrat’s resignation.

The settlement between New York and the Justice Department resolves the federal agency’s sexual harassment investigation of Cuomo and outlines additional steps the state will take to change how it handles misconduct complaints.

Cuomo, once a rising star in the Democratic party, left office in 2021 after a report by Attorney General Letitia James concluded he sexually harassed at least 11 women. He has denied wrongdoing and argued James’ report was driven by politics, intended to force him from office so she could run for governor.

The Justice Department investigation found a similar pattern of sexual misconduct by Cuomo and said he subjected at least 13 state employees to a sexually hostile work environment. It said Cuomo’s staffers failed to adequately report allegations and retaliated against four women who raised complaints. The agency did not release a full report detailing its investigation but instead published a list of its findings.

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