Mass UFO Sighting In California Reveals Secret Military Operation

Fact checked
The mass 'UFO' sightings in California point to a secret government operation, Luke Rudkowski reports

As social media was set ablaze on Saturday night due to widespread sightings of a UFO across California, the government announced shortly thereafter that they were, in fact, conducting a “secret government military operation”.

The operations are still being conducted, and are so secret that all planes flying over LAX have had to be diverted for a week so that they don’t see what is going on.

Luke Rudkowski examines what these secret military operations may be, and what consequences they have for the public.

In the past “secret government operations” have not faired well for members of the public, who are usually killed during these operations.

The Manhattan Project is one example of a previous government operation where US citizens were unknowingly exposed to lethal levels of radiation and subsequently died.

Secret Government Military Operation: Preparing Us For WW3?

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