Russia Says US May Be Training Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Launch Attack

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Russian politicians have been publicly discussing a supposed ‘Pentagon project’ to drop infected mosquitoes on their troops.

According to reports, they have been debating an appropriate response to the ‘Allied Insects’ project, in which America is alleged to have enlisted the support of insects.

The MPs believe that scientists are working on how to infect the insects with deadly viruses which they claim, can, if launched infect millions.

Footage of Irina Yarovaya, Kremlin MP and Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Security, probing officials has been widely circulated on social media.

GBNews reportsIn the video, Yarovaya says: “I will name just one eloquent Pentagon project, called Allied Insects, which aims to solve the problem of transferring genetically engineered viruses and pathogens to such insects.”

A nervy Yarovaya asks the experts: “How do you assess these risks and threats? How are we prepared?”

Stressing the importance of the subject, Yarovaya adds: “We are waiting for specific proposals from you in order to develop additional systemic solutions to ensure the economic security of our country.”

This outlandish declaration comes following scaremongering from Igor Kirillov, head of Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops.

In an extraordinary accusation last month, the senior Kremlin official alleged that the US had destroyed the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine as part of a mosquito masterplan.

Kirillov said: “The flooding of Kherson region planned by the Kyiv regime can complicate the situation, including with regard to arbovirus infections.

“After a drop in the water level, it is possible to form foci of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, primarily West Nile fever.

“The high technical level of US preparedness for the use of infected vectors is evidenced by a patent for a drone designed to spread infected mosquitoes in the air.”

He added: “In accordance with the description, the drone must deliver a container with insects to a given area and release them.

“When bitten, mosquitoes can infect military personnel with a dangerous infection, such as malaria.”

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