Candace Owens Exposes George Floyd’s Criminal Past, Says He Is NOT a Role Model or Martyr

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Candace Owens has slammed the mainstream media for depicting George Floyd as a martyr and role model for black America, stating that he "was an example of a violent criminal his entire life, up until the very last moment” and he was "not an amazing person."

Candace Owens has slammed the mainstream media for depicting George Floyd as a martyr and role model for black America, stating that he “was an example of a violent criminal his entire life, up until the very last moment” and he was “not an amazing person.

“I do not support George Floyd and the media depiction of him as a martyr for black America,” Candace Owens said on Facebook Live on Wednesday.

Referring to the writings of African-American writer and filmmaker Shelby Steele, Owens said black Americans must stop championing and demanding justice for criminals.

We are unique in that we are the only people that fight and scream and demand support and justice from the people in our community that are up to no good,” Owens said.

Murals depicting Floyd George as an angel are popping up all over the US and the world. This one is is Houston, Texas.

You would be hard-pressed to find, you know, a Jewish person that’s been five stints in prison that commits a crime and dies while committing a crime and that the Jewish people champion and demand justice for,” she said, adding the same holds true for whites and Hispanics.

WesternJournal report: Owens said she was not defending the Minneapolis police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes.

I want to be very clear, what I am saying is not any defense for Derek Chauvin; I hope Derek Chauvin gets the justice that he deserves to be implemented upon him and that the family of George Floyd deserves justice for the way that he died,” she said.

However, she added, “I am not going to accept the narrative that this is the best the black community has to offer.”

A woman poses for a selfie in front of a George Floyd street artwork depicting him as an angel.

Noting that in recent years it has become “fashionable over the last five or six years for us to turn criminals into heroes overnight. It is something I find despicable.”

George Floyd was not an amazing person,” she said, later adding that “George Floyd is being lifted up as an amazing human being.”

Owens noted Floyd’s prison record, and said that “I am not going to play a part of the broken black culture that always wants to martyr criminals, to pretend that they were upstanding human beings that just wanted to help society.”

He has a rap sheet that was long and was dangerous,” she said. “He was an example of a violent criminal his entire life, OK, up until the very last moment.”

Naples, Italy: Street artist Jorit Agoch has portrayed Floyd, along with Lenin, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and Angela Davis. Floyd is weeping blood like a saint pictured in a southern Italian church.

Owens said no one who has the kind of criminal record Floyd had should be held up as a model citizen, but black Americans are doing just that.

We are embarrassing in that regard. This is why we have a cycle and a toxic culture because nobody wants to tell the truth and black America. It is so easy to be effective it is so easy to ask white people to bow down and apologize and do all these things for us. It is crap,” she said.

Owens said Floyd’s death has been packaged to fit a false narrative.

Racially motivated police brutality is a myth,” she said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The media did the same with Nelson Mandella, from terrorist to saint.
    Floyd got a presidential funeral out of this.

    • Total hypocrisy And a mockery of the lady Obomo had gunned down in her Lexus Typical democratic corruptions and lies and deceits Obomo had that totally innocent respectable new mother murdered and there was zero outrage ALLOWED .TYPICAL HYPOCRISY . She should have had a State Funeral and been honoured and Obomo should have been put on trial for conspiracy to murder .

  2. I continually find cases where I must applaud Candace Owens. She does a wonderful job of outlining her arguments and supporting them with evidence. It is a shame that so many of our “Educated” liberals are incapable of researching and analyzing the data surrounding their causes. It is clear that these individuals are so desperate to establish meaning in their lives that they ignorantly adapt ad hoc political stances purely out of spite for authority. And it is a disgrace that the innocent citizens, and law enforcement officers, of America are having their rights and reputations attacked by a divisive media, and elected officials, that either blindly, or complicitly, vilifies those innocent people for the sake of defending a criminal culture. But at least I can show my children the likes of Candace Owens to show them the idiocy surrounding this current lemming parade of liberalism.

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