Ted Cruz SLAMS Spineless GOP: ‘Grow a Backbone and Stand Up To Woke Corporate America’

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Ted Cruz tells GOP to grow a backbone and stand up to 'woke' corporate America

Senator Ted Cruz has warned Republicans that they need to start standing up to the ‘woke’ mob at Big Tech and other giant corporations, before they destroy America for good.

“[I] think wokeness is trying to destroy America, and we’re seeing whether it’s the corporate media or big business, we are seeing woke corporations that are engaged as the political enforcers of the radical left, and are trying to silence or trying to cancel. They’re trying to punish American citizens, and I think it is profoundly dangerous,” Cruz said on FNC’s “Watters’ World.”

Host Jesse Watters asked Cruz what the proper course of action should be to combat that trend. Cruz urged the GOP to “grow a backbone” and refuse cash from those giant corporate entities.

“Look, we’ve got to grow a backbone,” Cruz replied. “We’ve got to stand up to big business, and we’ve got to take on Big Tech. We’ve got to use the antitrust laws to break up Big Tech to go after them for abusing their monopoly power. This week, I wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on big companies and woke corporations, and I made a commitment this week that I am no longer accepting even one penny from any corporate PAC. Over nine years in the Senate, corporate PACs have given me about $2.6 million. But I said enough is enough. These guys are corrupt. They’re lying to the American people. They’re fighting the American people. They’ve declared the American people are their enemy.”

“And so I don’t want their money,” he added.

“I won’t take a penny. And when they come to Washington with their hands out for corporate welfare, for subsidies, for mandates, and they do that over and over again. Look, I’ve been standing against the cronyism and corporate welfare a long time, but I’m urging my colleagues in the Republican Party to stand against the cronyism and corporate welfare as well. We’ve launched a new website. That is nowokemoney.com, nowokemoney.com because if we’re not going to take the money from the corporate PACs, we’ve got to rely instead to communicate our message on individual Americans all across the country who are supporting us to the tune of $10.00 or $25.00 or $50.00. And I think the Republican Party needs to grow a backbone and stand up to woke corporate America.”



  1. As sometimes happens, Cruz is right! And he’s also correct about the Democrats and Lefties are using every tool to punish and suppress over half of America who do not want their Woke agenda and programs. As for the Corporations? the money and woke posturing is for buying protection from woke gangs and activists.. Or so they think.

    • Problem is ALL corporations have to submit to Corporate Law and that includes all levels of government The USA is a corporation And the Pipe is the Authority they have to submit to
      And corporate law pre 1980s stated that corporations had to ” make a fair and reasonable profit ” but that changed with the whole 80s greed I’d good show me the money what’s in it for me looking after numero ino propagandas, into they have to ” maximise profits any and EVERY way possible, by rule of law In other words making them criminals whose Commanment is Thou Shall Not get Caught .And belief it ot not half of the well informed highly 3ducated winners of their pop cult commun ity s most popular person award di t have a friggin clue about anything g except how to spin a story line and look after numero uno.Theyve never studied history or politics or economics, usually medicine or law or business and shouldn’t even be in that business.

  2. Rhe only thing that makes America unique is its checks and balances in government to prevent autocratic takeover if the rile if law and tbe Democrats threw that out the window with obomber declaring a foreign entity ,leader of a independent foreign city state not even a democratically elected official/ Autocratic as the authority for rule if law The Pope And hes even biased in religion In fact hes elected exactly like a Communist leader or the Caesars of republican Rome, both sharing the same fundamental qualities. So ,bottom line ,until the authority for rule of law is restored to we the people democracy is just a fraudulent farce in America

  3. Cruz is one of only a handful of Republicans in Government who are still Americans and not treasonous trash. God bless him. Republicans in DC think they have to act like Democrats to get elected because they start drinking the swamp kool aid. They forget the people who elected them voted for them to stand up to the Democrats and their political hydra. Most Republicans make me so sick and angry for their complete failure to stand up to the Democrat slave masters.

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