Stephen Colbert: President Trump is ‘Proselytizing For the Devil’

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President Trump is "proselytizing for the devil" and "is not appealing to the better angels of our nature", according to talk show host Stephen Colbert.

President Donald Trump is “proselytizing for the devil” and “is not appealing to the better angels of our nature“, according to leftist talk show host Stephen Colbert, who also claimed Trump is “guilty of heresy, the greatest sin.”

CBS funnyman Stephen Colbert revealed to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper the number of reasons that President Trump — who Colbert says is “trying to invite us into this madness” — isn’t welcome on his late-night show.

The quick answer would be no,” Colbert replies when asked if the president would be invited back on his show. “It would be hard for me to be properly respectful of the office because I think that he is so disrespectful of the office. It’s very hard to perceive him as I want want to perceive a president. So I think just for safety sake, it wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Breitbart report: President Trump, who last appeared on Colbert’s show in September 2015, has been a constant target of the former Comedy Central host. Less than six months into his tenure, Trump scolded Colbert, calling him a “no talent” hack whose show’s ratings were tanking before he made the president the focal point of his profanity-filled monologues. One such rant saw Colbert say the only thing President Trump’s mouth “is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Fast forward two years, Stephen Colbert says Trump is a “Heretic to reality” who’s essentially “proselytizing for the devil.”

“As you know, as a raised Catholic,” Colbert said to Cooper, “the greatest sin is actually heresy, because not only are you astray from the right path, you’re inviting, you’re encouraging other people to come with you on that path. So specifically heresy is, like, proselytizing for the devil.”

“I think it’s red hot iron coffins in Dante’s Inferno,” Colbert replies when Cooper says “And the punishment for heretics is sorta the most extreme.”

According to Colbert, President Trump “wants to live in a fantasy world where the way he perceives the world is the way it is, and only the things that sort of serve his vision. And he’s also trying to convince us that that is the only world that exists.”

“It’s extremely solipsistic. But he’s also trying to invite us into this madness that he has, and that’s heresy against reality,” Colbert continued. “That is proselytizing for the most selfish and the basest instincts that the American people, like all people, have. But he is not appealing to the better angels of our nature.”

The five-minute clip above is part of a longer conversation between Cooper and Colbert, which will air in its entirety later this week, the CNN anchor said.

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