PGA Tour Pro John Daly: Trump Doesn’t Cheat at Golf — Bill Clinton Does!

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Golf pro John Daly claims President Trump does not cheat at golf, however former president Bill Clinton does.

In a pro golfing career that has spanned decades, John Daly has seen presidents and ex-presidents on the links from Gerald Ford to George W. Bush — and he has spent a day on the course with Bill Clinton and President Trump.

And the two-time major winner has seen more than enough to pour cold water on one of the biggest myths about Trump’s golf game out there.

While Trump critics often accuse the commander-in-chief of cheating at the game, Daly said he knows a much bigger former presidential cheater — and there are no prizes for guessing who “Long John” Daly is talking about.

Of course it’s Bill Clinton, the serial liar and known adulterer who was actually impeached in his second term in the presidency. Can you actually imagine Slick Willy playing an honest round?

Daly talked over the Trump golf game in a TMZ interview after spending a day on the course with President Trump on Monday at the president’s resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Check out the interview below.

“It’s funny how these people say, ‘does he cheat?’” Daily told TMZ. “Well, when he goes out and plays, if he hits a bad shot, he might hit a mulligan, but he doesn’t count it when we’re playing the match.”

But the point of the Trump’s golf game is relaxation, Daly said.

“It’s for him to get away and just kind of take a reprieve,” he said.

Still, Daly said, Trump gets a bad rap.

“It’s just amazing that people call him a cheat in golf. You wanna call a cheat in golf? I’ll tell ya, Bill Clinton, he took a mulligan on putts, chips, when I played with him,” Daly said.

“I don’t think Bill Clinton could’ve broken 100. At least the president, Mr. Trump, he can shoot 80. 78 to 84, probably.”

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