Whoopi Goldberg Claims Republicans Are Trying To Erase Black History

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Whoopi Goldberg

During ABC’s “The View” on Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg told her co-hosts that Republican governors were trying to erase black history.

Goldberg said, “One of the things I realized yesterday is all these folks are of a certain age. Sarah Sanders, DeSantis they all learned about black history. They all learned it” Goldberg said, before continuing:

“This is what I’m trying to figure out. What did you learn that scared you so badly that you are trying to remove this from schools? Now, you know, Arkansas’ Sarah Sanders is saying things are moving forward — that her dad and Clinton held doors open for the Arkansas the Little Rock Nine. I’m trying to figure out why are you trying to close those doors. What are you doing? What is this?”

Breitbart report: Co-host Ana Navarro said, “It’s about fanning the flames of anger, grievances, distress, frustration in the base. It’s manufacturing culture wars.”

Goldberg said, “The base needs to understand everybody is pissed about something. You know, the last three or four years have not been great for everybody and possibly for anybody. How dare you use that, your anger, to pretend an entire section of the United States doesn’t exist.”

She continued, “If you’re so concerned that your children, and particularly I’m talking about white children because that’s the conversation that they seem to be having if you’re so concerned that white children are going to feel bad because history happened and they happen to be white, how do you think black kids are feeling?”

Goldberg added, “The reason that black history has come into the zeitgeist, the reason Asian history is coming into the zeitgeist, the reason that any other history than English American history is because nobody was represented. That is why this history is coming. The great thing about America has always been, yeah, we know we step in it, but we try to step back from it. What we’re doing now is too dangerous for us to say it doesn’t affect us. It affects us all. If they erase one, they are going to erase all.”

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