British Rock Star Admits UFO Hovered Outside His Bedroom Window

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British Rockstar Shaun Ryder (from the band The Happy Mondays) has admitted that he witnessed a UFO hovering outside of his bedroom window, just days after filming a documentary about aliens. 

After returning home from Chile in 2012 after shooting a TV show about extraterrestrials, the singer witnessed a mystery UFO spacecraft outside of his home.

Initially thinking the TV producers were pranking him, then fearing he was hallucinating, he slapped himself to check if the encounter was real. reports:


Ryder, who has previously recalled two UFO sightings he experienced in his native Manchester, England as a teenager, tells British TV show This Morning, “I’m either telling lies or I was hallucinating. I don’t think I was hallucinating and I know I’m not lying. We’d been filming in South America last time when we did the UFO show, I get back home and I get up at seven o’clock in the morning and there’s a craft outside my house. It was about 20 foot by about 10 foot, it looked like an Airfix (miniature) model.

“I thought the production crew was playing games – you know, they’d put some sort of thing together and was having a laugh… It really did look like a toy… This thing as well, it made cloud. It gathered cloud around it and then went really slow across the field gathering more cloud. No sound.”

Asked why he did not film the sighting on his cell phone, Ryder replies, “Why didn’t I even wake the wife up to have a look at it? I don’t know.”

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