John McAfee’s Wife: ‘My Husband Did NOT Commit Suicide’

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John McAfee's wife says her husband was not suicidal

John McAfee’s widow says her husband did not commit suicide, fuelling rumors that the anti-virus software tycoon was murdered.

McAfee was found dead on Wednesday, hours after a Spanish court ruled that he would be extradited to the U.S., where he faced the rest of his life in jail.

Speaking outside the Spanish prison where McAfee was found dead, Janice McAfee, declared: “His last words to me were, ‘I love you and I will call you in the evening.”

“Those words are not words of somebody who is suicidal,” she told reporters. reports: The widower asserted that a plan of action was already in place to deal with the extradition, with an appeal set to be lodged against the ruling.

“I blame the US authorities for this tragedy. Because of these politically motivated charges against him my husband is now dead,” she said.

As we highlight in the video below, McAfee’s lawyer also says there was no indication the tycoon was about to take his own life.

McAfee repeatedly insisted in tweets and public statements that he was not planning on killing himself, asserting that he was “whacked” if that happened.

However, others have suggested that McAfee may have wanted to make people believe that foul play was involved as a final snub to U.S. authorities.

McAfee claimed on several occasions that he had gathered over 31 terabytes of data implicating deep state and CIA officials in criminal activity.

Spanish authorities have said they will carry out a post-mortem examination on his body but that the results could take weeks to obtain.


  1. I cant believe he ever even entered Spanish territorial waters I’ve listened to a few of his talks now ,especially about privacy course ,and yes of course they would absolutely want him shut up. Rhere is no wat they want anyone with a public profile that size telling people how to gave privacy, and especially not about their income. He was too trusting of their freedom b/ s .He believed that crap .In his defense he did admit to using a lot of drugs and that REALLY does explain it all

      • And he was so naive ,from being in a drug induced trance, as everyone who uses drugs is ,that he made videos of his talks telling people how to beat the IRS and he posted them too you tube .Ok ? Do you see how ” under a spell ” that sort of behaviour is ?And it makes no difference if your a law student or dr or scientist or author or judge or teacher or cop or nurse if your using drugs or used drugs you will not be thinking naturally You will be doing exactly what they want .And just because some arsewipe deceiving pos tells you they cant detect this or that drug in your system 3 or 7 or 10 days later doesnt mean ,AT ALL that the chemical CHANGES that drug or drugs has caused in your brain wint take years for your body to restore bqck to natural resp when your daily I take of chemicals including wgite sugar and caffeine alcohol medications are contributing to preventing that ever happening

        • And as for Minero ,yes it is private ,but u till they implement the hide the ip address your not Once they have your ip.address then they have your device Id and so you.And your ISP will ,I’d bet ,know how to really override a hidden ip address anyway .There is NO WAY they will EVER let anyone have privacy except for themselves and any dumb srsed drop kick drongoes they know havent got a brain in their head anyway .If that’s you then your very lucky Arent you

  2. He developed a private network with encryption that the NSA even cant crack ,according to him His obsession with creating privacy for the people if the world in Defi ance of totalitarain communist trillionaires and or their corporate lifeline. Their parent corporation” Marijuana is the drug of illusion .” I dont believe they have bot been able to break any e encryption and as far as I m aware McAfew did not have top secret security clearance for scientific developments in technology, he was only working within the public interest framework

  3. But he is correct in that without the right to privacy our society will collapse And that’s exactly what they want Total destruction and recreation in their own image

    • And I’m absolutely fed up of WASTING my time watching edited true stories o you tube You will never get to see the truth on you tube you will only get led to believe what they want And the people who know the truth know Hollywood is the “Jesuits theatre “and that they rule over every source if communication Every church religion newspaper tv station radio post office etcetera Every bit of internet every Court .

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