“If I Suicide Myself, I Was Murdered” – John McAfee Warned CIA Wanted To Kill Him Before His Death

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John McAfee warned the CIA wanted him dead shortly before his mysterious death

John McAfee repeatedly warned that the CIA was planning to kill him shortly before he was found dead in his Spanish prison cell on Wednesday.

McAfee was arrested in October of 2020 at El Prat airport in Barcelona at the request of the US Justice Department.

Just a few years prior to his arrest, McAfee repeatedly warned that U.S. government agents were planning to murder him.

In 2018, McAfee claimed to have narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the ‘New World Order’:

“I apologize for my three day absence but I was unconscious for two days at the Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina and just woke up,” he wrote“My enemies maged [sic] to spike something that I ingested. However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine. I am back.”

The previous year McAfee had warned that CIA agents would attempt to silence him for speaking out against the phoney Russia witch-hunt against then-President Donald Trump.

In 2020, McAfee was one of the few public figures who exposed how Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide in his jail cell but was strangled to death by Nicholas Tartaglione.

“Getting subtle messages from U.S. officials saying, in effect: “We’re coming for you McAfee! We’re going to kill yourself”. I got a tattoo today just in case. If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd. Check my right arm,” McAfee prophetically warned in a November 2019 tweet with a photo of his “$WHACKD” tattoo.


  1. We are now living in a totalitarian regime and it will only get worse. Now the people the US government arrested for the Jan. 6 protest at the capitol are being de-programmed and if that does not work they will be prosecuted for criminal acts even though the only thing most of them did was trespass into the capitol that they help pay for. Most have been in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day for months for trespassing. Meanwhile FBI operatives that were the violent ones are walking free. The rule of law is gone just like in China. China owns Beijing Biden and his pals.

    • I have a friend who works in Washington, VERY smart guy, unbelievably smart. He told me 3 years ago we were headed towards another Civil war and I laughed at him. I ain’t laughing now. I can’t believe what is going on, it’s utterly shocking.

      • Of course the government murdered him – the same as they murdered Epstein. Everyone knows our government needs to be abolished and a new government installed. The Constitution allows us to do that.

      • Pretty soon if this continues it will be legal to hunt down white people. Globalism demands that white people are made a tiny minority. We are already less than 10% of the world’s population. Notice every TV show and commercial is a complete inverse of reality. The white guy pushing the mop around and the black guy is the doctor. The white guy breaking into a black woman’s house like that has ever happened. The gays and transgenders that populate every show when the reality is gays make up 2.5% of the population and transgenders 1/10,000 of 1%. All the critical race theory taught in schools. The government riddled with communists and incompetent minorities. Black mayors, prosecutors and judges that could care less about the rule of law and due process. All lies all the time with the kung flu. That was no pandemic of course the definition of a pandemic was conveniently changed before the “pandemic”. A half million people died needlessly because of all their lies.

  2. So….who gets to examine the body? Biden re: revolution – “so what are you going to do – fight against F-16s and nuclear weapons?”

  3. The US Federal Government with the CIA and FBI at the top of the pyramid, is the LARGEST, most VICIOUS, CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE in the history of mankind. Which has not escaped the attention of Almighty God. HE WILL REPAY.

  4. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Vengeance is HIs and He will repay. I am not talking about some mythical end of world end of everything event but God being moved now on behalf of Justice. May His enemies (oh sinner man) cry out for the rocks to hide them on the days of His retribution.

  5. He must have known some EXTREMELY damaging information to The Deep State.
    Like Epstein and Rich. If he had it, I hope his “dead man’s switch” makes it known.
    Julian Assange is facing the same fate, but they know is insurance policy is suicide for them.

  6. October 2020 DOJ…that’s under DJT. Who was busy doing 2-3 rallies a day for re-election. But the renegade Wray did it. Likely, w/o much of anybody being informed. This was a clandestine operation probably managed by former CIA head, John Brennan. Very few would have been informed or involved. Wray should be in prison. Brennan should be his room mate.

  7. Let’s see…. where do I start, how about the obvious why we have not
    won a war since WWII, the secretary of war for three presidents Mr.
    Stimson had President Truman take Kyoto off the list for the nukes
    because it is the spiritual capitol of the Jap’s …. never mind our
    G.I’s who all were praying to the Almighty God that created this America
    to win, P.S., we have never really won a war since, then there is Bush
    Sr. head of the C.I.A. 1976 and president in 1988, He was a globalist
    (goal was Agenda 21). He, (in my research, sanctioned the Kennedy’s
    killings , and started the Middle East wars that his compromised son was
    compelled to finish and took away our constitutional right to privacy
    after the Government did 911 (Building 7 free fall – demolition without
    being hit by an aircraft), as the Chief Fire-department offical told
    Larry Silverstein the holder of the lease, “we are going to pull it”,
    Bush Jr gave up Capitalism to Paulson and let Russia take all of Crimea
    at the same time. Fast forward…..Antifa, BLK .. burn down cities,
    loot stores…charges dropped…patriots with out guns storm the capito.
    ( FBI informants inbedded along with Antifa), no one killed except Ahli
    Babbit a Aforce Vet shot in the NECK not the shoulder by a
    BLACK…Lieutenant Bailey or is it Lieutenant Byrd, ( doesn’t matter,
    the logs have been changed for that day). Side note: if black lives
    matter why do they at 13% of the population do 50% of the major crimes,
    if BLM why do THEY abort more than any other race? 400 Patriots in
    Jail, most without bail and in solitary 23 hrs out of 24, question, how
    long before you lose everthing before you or I cavein to Satan’s plan…
    next is Marshall law and the UN troops, because legally we can not use
    US troops, so The Gov will do an end run around the Constitution and the
    Bill or Rights by using the UN Troops, thus by default bringing us into
    compliance with China CCP Governance.


  8. As if we needed any more proof the CIA is a treasonous deep state organization against America.

  9. I believe it, 100%. We have a political party that colluded with a hostile foreign government – The Chinese – to release a virus solely to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. They will do ANYTHING for power and ANYTHING to silence their opponents. Accept the truth: The USA is currently occupied by hostile enemy forces, watch out, be careful, they take revenge and will do anything to silence you if you get in their way. Look what they are doing to the Jan. 6th protestors. They have them locked up in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. This is stuff Castro did. They also today just suspended the law license of Rudy Giuliani for taking them on over the election fraud. Notice not one lawyer had his license suspended over the Hillary Clinton created Russia collusion hoax.

  10. They put Epstein in a cell with an known psychopath homicidal deranged murderer hell bent in some sort io evil cleansing programmed response.Rhey would have screwed McAfee while he was unconscious in hospital using their dr Jekyll trickeries .And that french doctor who pointed out 26 years ago that they were injecting Rwandans with their magnetising ” vaccines” to experiment on them ,really let the cat out of the bag .How many mind controlled zombies are everywhere now ? How many have had a vitamin shot or a travel vaccine pack of shots , etc in the last 20 years ? I be been wondering for a couple if decades how come do many people are so stupid and so like robots in their conditioned responses and ” thinking ” .I ve even met people who are magnetised and I know then to be secret agents disguised as drug dealers The usual ” well respected members of the community ” disguise .

  11. John McAfee knew where the bodies were buried. John could hack the Pentagon, The White house, Moscow. John was like a black Cat, you could never keep this cat out. He was so sure of himself because he know the game, a Higher Tech Super Hacker. He was a Math Genius, and knew how to work any deed backwards to the culprit. Johnny was a friend of mine and you have not heard the last of ol Macadoodle. This guy had balls and knew his shit. Trust me on that. You will see. His switch will be pulled at just the right time. He never really admitted it but he thought Trump was in a league of his own.

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