Michelle Obama Announces She ‘Won’t Be Running for President’ In 2024

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Michelle Obama

Big Mike has decided to pull out!

Michelle Obama has put an end any speculation that she may replace Biden as the Democrat candidate, with her office declaring that she will not be running for president in 2024.

In a statement to NBC News, Michelle Obama’s office said she and former President Barack Obama will support Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Crystal Carson, director of communications for her office SAID: “As former First Lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president,” adding that “Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.”

InfoWars reports: The report went on to say that Michelle AKA “Big Mike” will campaign for Biden in a limited capacity as Election Day approaches

Sources familiar with the discussions say she intends to assist the Biden campaign this fall, as she did four years ago. But as in 2020, her engagement is likely to be fairly limited compared to that of her husband, reflecting both her other commitments and her long-standing reluctance to re-enter the political fray full time, the sources said.

The expectation of many close to Biden is that, given the former first lady’s star power, the Biden campaign will seek to maximize her limited role later in the campaign, when more swing voters will be paying attention to the race. A senior Biden adviser said there have been early conversations with Obama’s team about campaign engagements and noted that an obvious area of “alignment” with her is her nonpartisan voter registration group, When We All Vote, which aims to promote turnout and close the registration gap among young voters and people of color.

“President and Michelle Obama were enormously helpful in the fight to beat Donald Trump and elect President Biden and Vice President Harris the first time and we are grateful to have their voice and their support in the fight for the fate of our democracy this November,” Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz said in a statement.

The former First Lady previously shut down speculation that she wouldn’t run in 2024, claiming politics is “not in my soul.”

“Politics is hard,” she said in the 2023 Netflix documentary The Light We Carry. “And the people who get into it…you’ve got to want it. It’s got to be in your soul, because it is so important. It is not in my soul.”

Speculation about a Michelle Obama 2024 run grew among both Democrats and Republicans as Joe Biden’s deteriorating cognitive and physical health have become blatantly obvious, reflected in numerous polls showing most Americans are concerned 81-year-old Biden may be unfit for the job as president.

Obama fueled the speculation after stating in a January interview that she was “terrified” about the possibility of Trump retaking the White House.

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