Trump Sends Gift To Student Who Ripped Tampon Dispenser From Boy’s Bathroom

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student gets gift from Trump

A Connecticut high school student who was slammed for ripping a tampon dispenser off a wall in the boy’s bathroom received a special gift from Donald Trump.

Footage shows the Brookfield High School student opening a package from the former president containing a MAGA hat and a heartfelt congratulatory note.

Revealing the red baseball cap as he opened his package, the smiling student said: “Oh, thats fucking awesome”….

InfoWars report: The student went on to open and read his letter from Trump, stating, “Dear Michael, thank you for your unwavering commitment to the success of Team Trump.”

“Your continued support means a great deal to me as we fight the radical left for the soul of our country. Our nation is strong because of individuals like you who believe in and defend the great American ideals of faith, family, community and country first. Together we will make America great again,” the hand-signed letter from the 45th president concludes.

The student’s protest comes as a new Connecticut law slated to take effect in September requires public schools to “provide free menstrual products… in women’s restrooms, all-gender restrooms and at least one men’s restroom.”

In January, the student at Brookfield High School was condemned by the school’s superintendent after he tore down a tampon dispenser from the boy’s bathroom just 20 minutes after it was installed.

At the time, the school’s Board of Education chair blasted the student’s move as an “ineffective” protest.

“This is not an effective way of doing it,” Brookfield Board of Education Chair Wendy Youngblood told CT Insider, adding, “Most importantly, it overruns the law and the rights of some people who need tampons.”

The school’s principal also criticized the student’s act, saying, “Use your words to start a dialogue rather than using your hands to destroy something.”

The school’s superintendent said students need to be re-educated on the matter, stating, “Brookfield High School is approaching this matter from a restorative perspective in that they are providing both education on the issue and work to remediate this issue with students.”

Meanwhile, a member of the Connecticut Pride advisory board characterized the student’s act as transphobic, claiming the student should just ignore the tampon dispenser.

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