President Trump’s Average Approval Rating Highest in Two Years

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President Trump's approval rating highest in two years

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has now officially reached its highest peak in over two years, according to Real Clear Politic’s polling average.

Trump’s average approval rating of nine national polls stands at 44.9%, the highest average approval rating since February 2017. reports: One Zogby poll released this week shows Trump hovering at 51% approval — a surprise considering that Zogby is not a polling company that leans rightward.

The 51% approval is Trump’s highest rating ever in the Zogby poll, according to the Washington Examiner.

The Daily Caller reports that Trump’s numbers are a “significant improvement” for the president, who has generally hovered in the low-to-mid 40s for most of his tenure: “Since the infancy of his presidency, Trump’s approval ratings have sat at about 40% but have recently begun to tick up into the mid-to-high 40 percentage points — a significant improvement less than 18 months out from the 2020 presidential election.”

Trump has also always been a polarizing figure, making high approval ratings difficult to achieve. Several factors, though, are now working in Trump’s favor. The Russian collusion probe is now largely behind him, and Trump’s supporters are more likely to favor the president when he’s under seige by political enemies, hence why instituting impeachment proceedings is such a gamble for Democrats this close to an election cycle.

But he’s also made some positive inroads on issues like the economy, jobs, and even among Millennials, Zogby reports. Americans feel more confident than ever in the direction of the American economy, and as the Washington Examiner points out, while Trump may not be entirely responsible for the success, Americans are more than happy to give him credit — even Millennials and Independents, two groups that are soundly anti-Trump in most polls.

A Gallup poll released last week seems to reinforce these conclusions. The Caller reports that a Georgetown poll, which falling squarely in the middle of Trump’s approval average — around 46% of those polled approve of the president’s job — shows a heavy margin of people favor Trump’s performance on the economy.

“[Trump’s] economic policies have received strong support from the American people, with 58% approving of the president’s handling of the economy,” according to The Daily Caller.

This may be good news for Trump, but it’s better news for his campaign.

“With a solid economy, a potentially long and drawn out primary season for Democratic presidential candidates, plus solid gains with independents, millennials, urban voters, college educated voters, and minorities, Trump could be very hard to defeat in 2020,” Zogby’s chief pollster said in a statement accompanying the poll. “In addition to his base of supporters, Trump might be able to piece together another coalition and produce another improbable victory, as long as everything goes as planned, but we still have a lot of time left on the game clock.”

Democrats, particularly those competing for the 2020 presidential nomination, seem to have recognized this. Not a single one is currently waging war on Trump’s economic decisions, preferring instead to discuss whether Trump is a legitimate president in the first place, whether impeachment is on the table for “obstructing justice” in the Russian collusion probe, and whether healthcare should be extended to all Americans through a Medicaid-like public plan.

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  1. This is not true, Trumps ratings with conservatives is around 40%

    We are not Oil independent as stated by this Gov, we import oil some where around 14 billion per day.

    The economy is in the crapper, another lie by Gov.

    Now we are going back to war.
    Let me get this right, Another war- so called, Iraq, Iran Threat:
    Iraq, 20 years at war with how many nations united to end terrorism.
    How many American Military lives lost, and the war in Iraq Afghan was
    never complete, dragging out a war for the Globalist Bankers to make
    money off of dead American solders.
    Iran like Iraq, bomb the shit out of them, then through the UN
    Global Migration Compact, they will ship a bunch of pissed off Muslims
    to America and to different parts of the world.
    While in Africa, over 36,000 whites and Jews have been murdered, and no America troops sent to stop the madness.
    So please tell me how the most powerful collection of military armies from different countries went it a mode called ‘Iraqi Freedom’ and it was all BS????????????????
    Now also tell me how Iran got the info on how to build a N-bomb????
    I will tell you how, first this technology was sold to Saudi Arabia, including arms, they sold it to Iran.
    who sold these weapon to Saudi Arabia?
    “The US, Israel, France, Russia, Egypt, England”………
    Mark my work they will migrate the people from Iran into America.
    And it is 100% BS for Christians in Africa to be murdered, black, white,
    and Muslims that excepted Christ
    Have I made myself clear?

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