Ukrainian MP Swears Allegiance: ‘We Are Fighting For the New World Order’

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Kira Rudik said the quiet bit out loud during an interview with Fox News yesterday, admitting that Ukraine is fighting for the New World Order.

WATCH the Ukrainian Member of Parliament swear her allegiance to the NWO:

Asked if she is surprised by the Ukrainian response to Putin’s forces, the MP said:

I am not surprised, we have been fighting Putin for the last eight years, and we had three revolutions in our country when we did not agree with what was going on and the direction we were moving in.

But now, its a critical time because we know we do not only fight for Ukraine, we are doing this for THE NEW WORLD ORDER, WHICH IS MEANT FOR THE DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES”.

Speaking to the BBC later that day, she elaborated on her support for the New World Order and the need for humanity to “evolve.”

Claiming that the war would precipitate a “New World Order”, she said: “There are tyrannies that need to be isolated and there are democratic countries who can help each other to evolve.

This is why it’s so important for us to stay on the bright side, and even if we feel this is a David versus Goliath situation, I am still persuaded that once it’s all gone, we will be able to build the country in a much better situation with better support with other countries.

The announcement came on the same day billionaire globalist George Soros demanded that the United States and its allies must “do whatever is in their power” to help Ukraine against Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is attempting to usher in a ‘New World Order’ for humanity by planting operatives in high-level government positions around the world.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


    • I am not sure. It COULD be a red pill blue pill thing to divide the world and the people. The last thing the elites want is peace (and prosperity for the commoners)

  1. Even the vatican and the UN are the NWO, satan himself, has carefully placed all his people in all of the top positions of wealth and power. Satan awas born, via satanic ritual, in a human body, on this earth, in 1945. He came to america around 1973. He is very powerful, it is sataed in Revelations: “satan will be loosed for a little while”. He is orchestrating all of this. He totally control the minds, wills and actions of all these NWO antichrist people, Globally.

  2. The puppet government Obama propped up is a money laundering scheme for Biden and his crime family. I’m sure if we had all the facts there would be lots of politicians attached to this. This is why Putin wants to annex the Ukraine. He owns Biden.

    • Let us never forget the Bush crime family as well. Just as bad as the Clintons, maybe worse. All of them evil to the core.

      9/11 was a CIA Mossad joint operation, we all know that now.

    • MARFE TORUS no chips needed alpha wave wireless spin 20 time over your normal spin doctor and your asleep and can be programmed or taken out wirelessly push button murder times today for those not informed

  3. WAVE THE WHITE FLAG or die you ripped the bread out of your russian brotherhoods mouths and the supply chain is broken so they took back what was theirs kazakhstan and the ukraine and the rest of the rich break away states trying to kill off the rest of the USSR.Puppet goverments set up by the west to break russia apart which will lead to WW-III east vs west russia and china have all the fuel and food and metals game over,REAGANONICS never worked union breaking stealing america for the 1% which now use china slaves and russian metals and fuels all of the common wealth and the UK and the west live off china slaves and russian cheap gas and metals.Our goverment sold us out to the 1% lobbyistSS

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