John McAfee: CIA Would Rather Suicide Me Than Protect Americans

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The CIA is a rogue organization that disobeys presidential orders and has failed its mandate to protect American citizens, says internet security guru John McAfee.

The CIA is a rogue organization that disobeys presidential orders and has failed its mandate to protect American citizens, says internet security guru John McAfee.

Speaking after WikiLeaks released a trove of classified documents related to the CIA’s arsenal of cyberweapons, McAfee said the CIA practice of deliberately keeping software exploits unpatched for potential access “is like not giving sick people penicillin.”

The CIA has confirmed that they knew of ‘zero day’ exploits years in advance of the manufacturers of the software finding out,” he said. “Basically, by not fixing those faults it puts customers of Google, Apple, Microsoft and many other American manufacturers at risk, it puts their reputation at risks, and it costs us all billions of dollars.

John McAfee believes that WikiLeaks Vault 7 documents prove the CIA has failed its mandate to protect US citizens.

Seriously, aren’t we doing the same thing as having a bunch of ill people in our population, and the CIA has a boatload of penicillin, which could cure us, but they are not going to give it to us, because the enemy may get access to it. Do you see the horror of this?

If John O. Brennan and Michael Hayden, the past CIA directors under Obama, were here, I would like to say: Shame! Shame on you!” he said.

Crazy but brilliant John, the creator of McAfee antivirus software, has always been ahead of the curve. In late December he pre-empted the WikiLeaks Vault 7 revelations by stating that “if it looks like the Russians did it [hacked the DNC], then I can guarantee you it was not the Russians.

The Joint Analysis Report from the FBI contains an appendix that lists hundreds of IP addresses that were supposedly “used by Russian civilian and military intelligence services.

While some of those IP addresses are from Russia, the majority are from all over the world, which means that the hackers constantly faked their location.

McAfee argued that the US intelligence suggestion that Russia might have been behind the DNC hack is a “fallacy,” explaining that hackers can fake their location, their language, and any markers that could lead back to them. Any hacker who had the skills to hack into the DNC would also be able to hide their tracks, he said

If I was the Chinese and I wanted to make it look like the Russians did it, I would use Russian language within the code, I would use Russian techniques of breaking into the organization,” McAfee said, adding that, in the end, “there simply is no way to assign a source for any attack.”

His words from December have a prophetic ring to them after WikiLeaks Vault 7 documents revealed that the CIA actively collects foreign “fingerprints” to leave on hacks in order to frame foreign actors.

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