Thousands of Drag Queens Chant ‘We Are Coming For Your Children’ At New York City Drag March

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Thousands of drag queens chanted “We are coming for your children” while marching in New York City’s annual Drag March on Friday.

Mainstream media and fact checkers have been denying their is a campaign by drag queens to indoctrinate our children, but now drag queens are owning up to the fact.

In a video posted on Twitter by Timcast News, protestors chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children,” with many in the crowd wearing sexually provocative clothing and dancing topless. Watch:

In an online post, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said, “This movement grooms minors to have mastectomies and castration and fuels a multi-billion dollar medical child abuse industry.”

“Pass the Protect Children’s Innocence Act. Let kids be kids.” 

In another video, a group gathers around a drag queen on a blowhorn, repeating his words and demands while some held signs that read “Drag isn’t for Cissies.”

“This is our reading of protection, in solidarity and our intention,” the crowd said in unison.

“We gather in the east, the village, Thompkins Square Park, home to the 1874 and the 1980 riots,” they continued. “Demanding worker safety and homeless…” 

Post Millennial report: The sentiment is reminiscent of when the San Francisco Gay Mens Chorus released a song in July 2021 proclaiming that they’ll “convert your children” and that is the “Gay agenda.” 

“We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children,” the gay men sang.

The group deleted the video after outrage, but defended it as “tongue-in-cheek humor.” However, since that point, Drag Queen story hour and “family-friendly” drag shows have become popular across the country. 

The push for children to be allowed to get sex change operations has also become a topic of daily discussion. Republican-led states have been forced to pass laws prohibiting sexual performances, and sex changes for children. 

Democrat-led states have moved in the opposite direction in becoming sanctuary states for these procedures and performances. Representatives in California are currently pushing a bill that would allow a child to be emancipated from their parents and allowed to undergo a sex change, regardless of a parent’s thoughts on the matter. 

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