Angry MPs demand publication of Chilcot report before general election

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Angry MPs demand publication of Chilcot report before general election

A cross party group led by David Davis, the Conservative former shadow home secretary and Norman Baker, an ex-Coalition minister, is attempting to trigger a parliamentary debate demanding that the Chilcot Inquiry sets out its findings by the middle of February.

The Mail Online reports:

MPs are to demand that the official report into the Iraq war be published in the next few weeks – amid new fears it could be delayed until after the election.

‘The £10million Chilcot inquiry into the disastrous invasion, which led to 100,000 deaths, was set up six years ago by Gordon Brown but its findings have still not been published.

A cross-party group of MPs is challenging an alleged ‘stitch- up’ said to be delaying publication of the inquiry’s report.

David Davis has described the failure to publish the document after more than 2,000 days as ‘utterly unacceptable’

He also said  that those facing criticism should not be allowed to hold back publication.

‘We are no more enlightened as to the failures in the lead-up to, during and after the Iraq War than we were in 2009 when Brown initiated the inquiry,’ he wrote in the Sunday Times.

‘The perception of politicians and elites colluding to hide the truth from the public is damaging to all parties at a time when politicians are already held in poor regard.’


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