Biden Copies Words On Pre-Written ‘Cheat Card’ Into Condolence Book For Queen Elizabeth

Fact checked

Sometime after the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II had died, Joe Biden and his handler wife Jill took a visit the British Embassy in Washington DC to sign a book of condolence.

It seems that Joe is so incapacitated now that his handlers had to write down his message on a card for him to could copy it into the condolence book.

Summit News reports: Seriously? He can’t even write an off the cuff condolence message himself?

Has Biden no capacity for doing anything spontaneously?

The scene was reminiscent of multiple times Biden has been seen taking cues from cards, including one telling him to say hello and sit down.

Why on earth does the leader of a free world require an instruction manual on how to behave like a normal human? This is like something you would give to an autistic child doing a high school presentation.

For hours after the death of the British and Commonwealth head of state, Biden did not even issue a statement.

Was he napping?

President Trump issued the following statement within the hour of the Queen’s death breaking.