‘Blairite’ Labour MP’s Join Cameron To Push Through Syria Bombing Vote

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Blairite labour MP's

Wednesday nights Syria vote was was reminiscent of the Iraq War vote in 2003, when Tony Blair managed to scare enough Labour MP’s into backing an illegal war in the Middle East.

The support of Blairite Labour MP’s have allowed Cameron to march the UK into yet another endless war

David Cameron’s plans for airstrikes on Syria have claimed the support of fewer than half of Britons, and have practically zero support in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, yet the RAF jets were being prepared to launch even prior to the vote….

21st Century wire reports:

Before the ink was even dry on the vote, the bait-and-switch tactics were already underway, with Tory Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond telling the public that Britain’s ‘Anti-ISIL’ bombing operation ‘could take years.’ During a segment from BBC Newsnight Hammond was asked if the bombing would last as long as four years, to which he replied, “I hope it won’t be four years, but I caution that it isn’t going to be months.”

Despite having no legal basis under international law, and no real case being made by British Prime Minister David Cameron, the vote passed 397 to 223 in favour of bombing Syria, effective at midnight.

Today’s decision gives warfare a green light, at least in terms of the UK’s new pro-war political coalition of convenience.  It will almost certainly lead to additional calls for additional US and UK “boots on the ground” in both Syria and Iraq.


Leading the Labour Party rebellion was pro-war Labour MP, Hilary Benn (image, above), who appears to have seized on an opportunity to undermine Labour’s populist leader Jeremy Corbyn – perhaps in order for Benn to then challenge the leadership position himself in the near future? Time will tell, however it’s now common knowledge that Benn’s betrayal was done with Tories in Downing Street quietly cheering him on behind the scenes – in the hopes that the new split might rid Cameron of one of the last remaining prominent anti-war , pro-civil liberty and anti-austerity voices left in government.

If Benn used something as important as a war vote in order to grab power within his party, then the backlash will not be kind at all, especially if the Syria Project rapidly goes south, as many in the know predict it will.

Ahead of the parliamentary debate on bombing Syria, a speech by the late Labour MP Tony Benn, about the double standards of British policy in the Middle East was shared widely across social media.

Hilary Benn’s father criticised the UK’s record in the region after the start of the first Gulf War.

“We have forgotten that the story is part of an unhappy record of British relations in the middle east,” he told MPs in a debate over 23 years ago on 23 November 1992.