California’s Proposed New Math Program Wants Teachers To Hold Good Students Back

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California has unveiled its new woke math program which encourages teachers to punish good students by holding them back.

In the name of equity, California aims to discourage students who are gifted at math

In their proposed manifesto the Sates Department of Education announced that the gap between well-performing students and their less able peers must disappear and they expect schools to deliver ‘equity’ in classrooms.

RT reports: Such an effort would involve faculty holding well-performing students back, even while pushing their less intellectual peers forward (as if they were all indeed equal in abilities). Potentially stranding a group of gifted individuals in a situation where they are held back by a single child who simply can’t get a problem right and needs endless special instruction is hardly something to be proud of, for the school or the students themselves.

Released on Tuesday, the sprawling, hundreds of pages-long manifesto delivered by the California Health Department described how schools must focus on “active efforts” in mathematics. Starting at the beginning of K-12 education to ensure no “gifted and talented” or advanced tracking programs take hold among the faculty, the policy implies to parents that if they want the same free public education as anywhere else in their school district, they have no choice but to subject their kids to racist pandering and a warped new form of mathematics that many may find insulting.

Indeed, the mathematically inclined children will be effectively held back until the last few years of high school, essentially forcing them to miss out on an opportunity to hone their talent at a younger age.

We reject ideas of natural gifts and talents,” the proposal states, insisting “there is no cutoff determining when one child is ‘gifted’ and another is not.” The proposal also wants to “replace ideas of innate mathematics ‘talent’ and ‘giftedness’ with the recognition that every student is on a growth pathway.

The authors of the district’s recently-released math instruction framework decided that “too many students are sorted into different math tracks based on their natural abilities,” arguing instead that gifted California kids owe it to their peers to sacrifice their own opportunities for as long as they can – all in the name of equity.

Fortunately for California students (and their parents), the proposition has not yet been passed into National Education Administration policy, but it runs the risk of joining several peer states in following through. Other states including Oregon, Virginia, and Illinois have eagerly embraced the idea.

Virginia was especially keen to join the nationwide efforts to refashion children’s education into a new and patronizing style of social control. Last month, Virginia announced it would streamline educational “equity” – a plan which involves replacing math with “foundational concepts,” ditching algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus, and imposing a lowest-common-denominator model of teaching and wiping out the option of taking any advanced math course before entering the 11th grade.

Meanwhile, New York City has done away with the admissions criteria to some of their most prestigious private schools, outraging parents who prefer their wealthy hothouse flowers be raised in a more ‘traditional’ environment. Dalton, a prestigious private school in the city, unleashed an “anti-racism manifesto” last year demanding the institution hire 12 “diversity officers” and even psychologists to push back on “race-based traumatic stress.”

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