Demon Sighting In Phoenix, Arizona Goes Viral

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Demon sighting goes viral on Facebook

A creepy picture that appears to show a “demon” or a “fallen angel” has gone viral on Facebook this week.

The photo was posted by user Richard Christianson and has been shared over 80,000 times.

The image shows a large dark demon-like figure with broad wings and spikes on its head, towering over a nearby home.

Shortly after snapping the weird picture, Richard asked his friends “what the hell do you see in this picture?

At that point, the post went viral, accumulating thousands of shares in a matter of hours.

Many people suggested that the picture could be some kind of a fallen angel or evil spirit.

I see a fallen angel taking on a a soul of a wolf trying to regain his pack,” one user said.

Not sure but it looks like the Angel of Death ! Devil, Satan, Lucifer….Evil spirit etc….Move, Move far away from there…” another warned.

That’s a Draco… a Type of reptilian.

What do you think this is? Some kind of a demon entity captured on camera?