Russia Prepares To Deploy Special Forces To U.S. And Turkey

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Putin says he will deploy Special Forces to U.S. and Turkey

The Kremlin have announced the possibility of using Special Forces against the U.S. and Turkey after proof emerged that both of these nations support ISIS, and that ISIS are planning to attack Russian soil. 

Russia have accused Turkey of training terrorist armed fighters “Majlis of Crimean Tatars” who are preparing to launch guerrilla warfare inside the Crimea Oblast.

They also say that the U.S. aided top ISIS leaders in Ramadi by evacuating them in US Army helicopters amid an Iraqi Army’s liberation offensive, with Commander Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi stating:

The delay in operations to liberate the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah in Anbar province has been the result of US interference. It seems that the US intends to evacuate the ISIL terrorist group’s infamous ringleaders secretly (with helicopters) from Ramadi to unknown places. reports:

As to why the Obama regime rescued these Islamic State terrorist “ringleaders” from Ramadi, FSB intelligence analysts in this report explain, is due to their belonging to the powerful Iraqi Sunni Muslim leader Ali Hatem al-Suleiman, who during the US-Iraq war was supported by the Americans who showered him with hundreds-of-millions during what is now called “The 2007 Surge” which bought off US enemies instead of them having to be fought against.

Ali Hatem al-Suleiman, in turn, this report continues, became a “high value asset” of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) whose “handler” was the highly secretive CIA “master spy” Jonathon S. Greenhill.

The “covert relationship” between CIA master spy Greenhill and Sunni Muslim leader al-Suleiman still exists, this report notes, as evidenced by the official US government document [see below] submitted on 15 January 2015 by Greenhill’s company Greenhill Group LLC (now changed to Calex Partners LLC) that explains their “master plan” for the sovereign nation of Iraq is to:

“The registrant will be promoting the creation of a Semi-autonomous region for the Sunni tribes in the Anbar region  and other regions in Iraq.  This will entail contacts with U.S. Government officials.  The current policy which the registrant is seeking to influence is the reluctance of the U.S. Government to support a semi-autonomous region.”



And with the rescuing in Ramadi of these Islamic State terrorist “ringleaders” by Obama regime military forces, this report notes, the “reluctance” of the United States in supporting the Islamic State in their quest to destroy Iraq, that CIA master spy Greenhill openly stated he was going to do, has now been overcome thus making the US an enemy of the Federation.

Should the FC approve this FSB request for war actions against the US and Turkey, this report concludes, it will allow for the legal operation of “covert/overt” Spetsnaz (Special Forces) military assests in both the territories of the United States and Turkey which the FSB is currently not allowed to do, nor is equipped for.

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