Demonic Clown Arrested As Weird Sightings Spread Across U.S.

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Wave of demonic clown sightings hit U.S. as first arrest made in Kentucky

As a bizarre increase in clown sightings sweeps across the U.S., authorities in Kentucky have confirmed they have made their first arrest of a ‘demonic looking’ clown. 

Police say they arrested a man adorned in full clown attire in Middlesboro, Kentucky. The arrest comes amid an unexplained rise in creepy clown sightings across the country which authorities are unable to explain. reports:

The motivation of these clowns is unknown, however, photos of them creeping through quiet neighborhoods have caused quite a fright.

The suspect arrested in Middlesboro was identified as twenty year-old Jonathan Martin. The police announced to the public that they arrested a “lurking clown” wearing full clown garb, near a wooded area.

His charges of disorderly conduct and “wearing a mask in a public place” seem a little harsh for an obvious prankster. It is hard to say if there is a connection between the clown sightings in the various states, but for the moment, it appears to be a creepy prank gone wrong.


The Middlesboro arrest is not the first clown-related arrest. There have been at least nine in Alabama, alone. Seven of the nine have been charged with a felony for “making terroristic threats.” Kind of a stretch for the two adults and seven kids who were taking advantage of the easily scared purveyors of the Internet in their neighborhoods.

In Rainbow City, Alabama, they take the threat of clowns seriously. One fourteen year-old caught a charge of harassing communications. The juvenile made a Facebook post, implying his school could expect a visit from a clown. The cops wasted little time in identifying and arresting the would-be creepy perpetrator, finding him in less than ninety minutes.


It seemingly all began in the woods of Greenville, South Carolina. There were multiple reports of creepy clowns attempting to lure children into the woods near an apartment complex. No one knew what to think of it.

A weird college prank gone viral? It began to spread and before too long, there were sightings across South Carolina and reaching as far as North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Other than the alleged luring of children, no criminal acts have been perpetrated by these eerie and somewhat disturbing clowns. They have apparently become more bold, however, going as far as knocking on doors and hovering in people’s yards.

There has been much speculation as to the purpose of these clowns. Rob Zombie has even been suspected of launching this as a guerrilla marketing strategy for his new movie ’31.’

While it is most likely an innocent prank, there is no doubt it has scared the life out of some people who believe it has gone too far. Police in Alabama are taking the “clown threat”seriously. They have made it clear that anyone involved in this clown scare will face potential felony charges, however they have had a hard time making them stick.

Often, they “are forced” to charge the lesser crimes of “child in need of supervision” or disorderly conduct.

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