Australians Who Post Independent Media Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines

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Australians who post independent media content online will face massive 11k fines

Australians who post information that goes against the mainstream narrative will be given fines of up to $11,000 under a newly proposed law designed to permanently ban independent media online.

Under the proposal, which is being pushed by the opposition in New South Wales, Australians who post anti-lockdown information, much of which is published by independent media outlets, will be given crippling fines. Protest organizers will face even bigger fines of up to $20,000 and people who attend protests would be fined $5,500.

The proposed law would punish “people sharing information on social media about illegal rallies and inciting others to illegally attend” by issuing them them with fines they cannot afford to pay. reports: The onerous fines are intended to neutralize a protest movement that has grown in recent weeks over New South Wales imposing yet another brutal lockdown on its citizens, which is now being enforced by military occupation of Sydney.

Shadow Police Minister Walt Secord said the massive fines were needed to “throw the book at these idiots who spread misinformation and lies along with the Delta variant.”

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller warned of “online chatter” about a possible second protest this Saturday, using rhetoric that is usually reserved for terrorists planning a deadly attack.

Fines for not wearing masks, which are now compulsory even outdoors, are also set to rise to $500.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott even bragged about how many calls – a total of over 15,000 – had been received from people reporting on others for attending “illegal” protests.

“The 15,000 calls to Crime Stoppers is a clear message to the government that the community expects action,” said Elliott.

As we previously highlighted, Australians have been placed under one of the most authoritarian lockdowns out of any major developed country.

A pregnant woman was arrested in her own home for planning an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook, while the state also gave itself the power to seize children from their parents and enter homes without a warrant under COVID-19 rules.

The chief health officer of New South Wales even went so far as to tell Australians that they shouldn’t “engage in conversation with each other,” even if they’re wearing masks, in order to reduce the transmission of COVID.

Australian MP Frank Pangallo also recently asserted that unvaccinated people “will need to be controlled and restricted” by authorities.


      • Howdy Anonymous. Thank you for your comment. I obviously do not know what country you live in, but where I come from; freedom of speech is considered very important. We intentionally allow repulsive and even dangerous people to gather and speak their mind. They can denigrate laws, public individuals, and government representatives almost as much as they want, so long as it does not incite violence or imminent danger. People who are Racists, pedophiles, the flat earth society, Communists, Socialists, and even people who disagree with proscribed medical practices are free to speak their minds without government interference. While saying that, people must obey the laws that the government makes, unless that law violates an individual’s Civil Rights as explained in our Constitution. There are a few countries that have taken the “Right to Disagree with the Government” away from their citizens. China is the most extreme example of them. After New South Wales proposed taking such a huge step in emulating China, I made my comment. As I understand it, the Chinese government doesn’t allow their citizens the right to own guns either.

          • Howdy Anonymous. No, not directly. Please do not be literal. But as your government passes laws that strip its people of their property, or attempt to prevent them from speaking their mind, you abandon the principle of Democracy.

          • We need a china vaccine to vaccinate the world against the degenerate chinese government and their “anonymous” slave class.

          • Howdy Anonymous. The Racists and all the other dregs of society do not do any of that anymore here. That’s because of the overwhelming public derision that they would receive if they did – and that was done without the use of any laws against free speech. Education is the key.

        • What they are able to do here is post racist anti Chinese sentiments inviting violence and promoting hate

          • Howdy Anonymous. Obviously the real issue here is the incitement of violence and how best to prevent it. Since Cultures assimilate other Cultures at different rates, maybe the Australian government should simply consider altering its immigration quotas until the Australian Culture can peacefully accept the other Cultures. The Cultural changes that can occur with the Australian people over just a 20 year period can be profound. Surely there are some well respected Cultural Anthropologists that the Australian government can draw upon to help explain the parameters related to peaceful Cultural assimilation. I would think that by simply suspending immigration, for a period of time, the violence would stop. During that time, a program that includes a more professional approach to immigration could be established. But if Australia is anything like the US, there are unseen pressures on politicians to increase immigration. I assume the majority of the population voted in representatives that want immigration. The question is, did they want the violence that goes with forced Cultural Assimilation, or the peace that goes with planned Cultural Assimilation?

    • No it s always been illegal to invite violence It’s not new legislation and it’s only a proposal anyway It’s got to be Constitutional to get passed through the house.

  1. 87% of Aussies have apparently , chosen not to be vaccinated despite it being readily available everywhere for ages now .That’s the democratic majority .No one else .And really it could be more It’s hard to trust the proverbially infamous ” damned lies and statistics “.

  2. China wants to eat Australia. Why do you think the CCP just told it’s people to have more children? Australians will be replaced with Chinese. If you are an australian? Your house is already sold to a CCP approved citizens.

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