Gov. DeSantis Declares War on Biden: ‘In Florida There Will Be NO Lockdowns, NO School Closures, NO Restrictions, NO Mandates’

Fact checked
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he will oppose Biden and will not enforce lockdown, mask mandates, school closures

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared all-out war on the Biden administration, declaring that lockdowns, restrictions and mandates will be banned in the Sunshine State.

“In Florida, there will be no lockdowns, there will be no school closures, there will be no restrictions and no mandates in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said during a press conference at Two Meatballs in the Kitchen restaurant in Cape Coral.

DeSantis also announced an executive order protecting the right of parents to choose whether or not their children wear a mask at school.

“I want to see my kids smiling. I want them having fun,” DeSantis said to the cheering crowd.



  1. No Australian state leader would ever dare not comply with the centralised power base like that That’s the difference.

  2. And we already have two Democrap mayors defying recently passed legislation prohibiting mask mandates.

    • Read the Governor’s order it removes the municipal liability protection. If you are directly effected by these criminals you may call your sheriff and file a complaint. The violation of code is Title 18 section 242 and it carries the death penalty. As a people we must take up the charge of running our government and stop merely being subjects to it.
      I am sure that you can organize enough people effected by these criminals to present a class action suit and compel the district attorney to do their jobs.

      • I’m not affected by it, I live in a conservative county. I wouldn’t comply anyway. I was just stating what was done by two Demorat mayors.

  3. they hate truth and beuty so won’t like happy children smiling or having ,err yuk fun .Around 10 Million claims of predatory sexual abuse of children prices that. No corporation should even still be allowed to operate after that scorecard of criminality .

  4. Masks prohibit the expression of the soul… It makes a person less than a human who’s made in the Image of His Maker.

    • Not if they get COVID and die. Exercise your rights until the cows come home but homeschool your kids because they should not be allowed in schools around other children! Your governor is an idiot and by following his misinformed advice you are putting yourself; and sadly your children at risk to get infected, or die! These vaccines are thoroughly tested.; beyond any vaccines ever produced so you might want to check those sources as well.

      • WRONG! Millions DIDNT die in this FAKE PLANdemic planned YEARS in advance. Figures vary now from 5000 to ???,000 DEAD IN US BECAUSE OF THIS POISON THAT MAY BE SELF-SPREADING like the 1918 PLANDEMIC SPANISH FLU /SMALLPOX VACCINE. Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ at “WARP SPEED” Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT! BOTH parties in the US are two sides of the SAME COIN.

          • Hi Suzie. I am responding to you but you have to realize how MANY links there are. I highly recomend looking up info on EVENT 201 which is where this was PRACTICED in October 2019. Two good websites are rense (dot) com and whatreallyhappened (dot) com for current info.

          • I guess you are referring to the EVENT 201 conference itself then. Just plug EVENT 201 into a search engine and beAware of all the stories by SHILLs trying to debunk it. LOOK at who attended! Bill GATES, CDC and others. Dig into it until you are satisfied with their INTENT. World Economic Forum purchased millions of dollars of COVID 19 TEST KITS in 2017. Catch that? Their invoices said COVID19 in 2017 when it wasnt even named COVID 19 until 2019. Many things expose this as a FARCE. I’ve been looking at it for a long time.

          • The studies that resulted in those statistics you posted in your original reply. Thanks, or will look for them later from my home desk top.

      • Take your shots and make sure to comply you will find that the outcome was safe and effective for their goals.
        I was given serum treatment for this specific weapon in 2014 before deploying to Afghanistan.
        In January of 2020 I volunteered blood serum to provide antibodies, after the antibody test was commercially available I was notified that I was a false positive because of no prior diagnosis of Covid19.
        Only problem 45 people have been treated with my blood serum and are fine recovering in less than 3 days.
        The vaccine patent was first filed in 2002 and pitched to DOD in 2004 we have the video presentation and the patent documents.

        • Can you post the link, as I would like to see the data you refer to before I can respond to what you are discussing specifically. Thanks! 🙂

      • Just have to quote you on this fallacy “These vaccines are thoroughly tested”
        Yes MNRA vaccines have been repeatedly tested on animals and in every test the animals all die.
        Two things are required for emergency authorization 1. No other available treatment 2. Treatment provides immunity from contagion. neither of these factors have been met. In countries where pine needle alcohol, St Germaine or quinine caring drinks like Tea Limon are popular there has been an absence of negative outcome. Haiti has more than 19000 cases but fewer than 400 deaths.
        Truth is that simple remedies are inexpensive and readily available the plan requires the suppression of truth.

        • They are currently working on full approval. Where we live a child cannot register, or step foot on school ground without being fully vaccinated. Once fully approved, Covid will be added to that list. Not just for students, but for any staff at any school sites. Will post link from my desktop after work.

        • If all animals in test models died, or even some; they would not have approved its use. That is precisely why those test results had to be valid to qualify for approval in the first place.
          Unless you are referencing some study I’m unaware of, in which case I do not see a link, or reference to any specific research in you post?

        • Not familiar with any of these other treatments, but would be leary of any treatments not scientifically tested on humans, according to FDA Standards.

      • Suzieshiller, the NovidCovid-1984 hoax seller: And the asheep goes baaaaa..

        P.S. Wear your muzzle, slave.

      • SAFE in the dictionary means – Free From Harm. Even the manufacturers own literature states there were adverse reactions that included and up to death…people in the test groups DIED! No animal studies could be concluded as all animals DIED so they used computer models. D-IND tests show microscopic clotting in almost all of those taking the shots. YOU need to do some studying as to whats REALLY going on. Soon you will know the truth, and it will be a shocker to you.

        • Could you cite that research so I can review it myself? Thanks.
          All medicines have risk factors, pup Ithe risks from newer varients of Covid are much higher, including death, and long term organ damage; and other lingering effects.
          ose studies you listed vaccination risks. It’s less then 1% of large numbers of population already vaccinated world wide..

        • Would have never been approved with computer studies; or if people, and/ or animals died. I’ve read the studies and think it’s you who needs to do the studying. Or perhaps check the validity of your sources better. Since you failed to site the studies you are referencing , its kind of hard telling where you got your data from, or if it is factually/scientifically based?

          • It’s on the companies own paperwork of the studies, I think YOU need to do some EZ research, as it was simple for me and others to find, after all, it’s their own literature, bet you haven’t read even ONE, you probably just obeyed…..

          • Then why can’t you leave the link. There is all kind of research floating out there, which one are you specifically referring to,, or quoting?
            I have read a several of the original vaccine studies posted at CDC, and WHO, just not sure where your information is referenced so I wouldn’t bet too much money on me not having read ONE! I do obey what the statistics dictate to the best of my ability, and have always tried to let scientific data guide me; especially where my family’s health is concerned.
            Had we done so as a nation, we wouldn’t be dealing with current infection rates. And having to put our children’s lives at risk if we want them to go back to school. That’s the real crime IMHO!

          • So are you saying you don’t know the source, or just prefer not to post it?
            I respect your right not to answer., but have never seen any clinical studies where all the test animals died. Certainly not one where the drug being tested was authorized based on those findings.

    • DeSATANis like FAKE Trump, like FAKE Abbott in TX all being propped up because ALL THREE slurp the hind end of our ENEMY ISRAEL and TAKE THEIR ORDERS.

  5. The same guy that passed in his “no vaccine passport” law, the ability of his state to forcibly vaccinate his own constituents. You mean that guy? How ignorant are some ppl?

    The guy that all of a sudden is telling his constituents to get vaccinated with these untested, shown to be more deadly than the disease it’s supposed to protect against shots? You mean that guy?

    • Actually the forced treatment clause the net is all screaming about was put in under the former governor and the legislature is drafting a repeal of that clause.
      That clause was put in to specifically cover the lefts closing of the AG Holley Facility in Lantana Florida it was a Tuberculosis sanatorium most patients there had been isolated because of intentional spreading of resistant TB.
      After the closure the patients had to be individually isolated and treated.
      It has been a popular mantra of the left to use that clause and Trumps naive support for the vaccine as was planned from the beginning. Trump and his personal doctor both see the vaccine as a way to alleviate the propagated fear campaign. This play book of the left is very old and has been used repeatedly look at the 1920s cartoons and the 1976 vaccine campaigns, even V for Vendetta makes reference to this ploy to create crisis when there is none.
      To quel your own fear easily just look at the total number of deaths year over year for the last ten years there is no statistically abnormal increase.

      • Look again, as the death darts take hold and kill ppl. An economist wondering how there could be so many job openings realized it’s possible 10MM-20MM ppl <— look at that again, have already died in the US (based on total number that can work and the number of job openings still available and the number of ppl on unemployment).

        Just because it hasn't been reported doesn't mean it didn't happen. This may be why our gov't (and other gov'ts in the West with large white populations) are acting so arrogantly, they get to see the real numbers.

        As it is, they state for the "first" time, 2020, the white population has declined. That's about 30 years late, and the decline is way higher, given I had to marry (14 years married, 4 happily… I tried to protect my sons) a Puerto Rican to have kids (she was very beautiful, but sadly, batshite crazy). Propaganda works by breaking bad news slowly. In 2015, the walking death rattle stated that the "majority" population was already the minority population in the country and that was a good thing. So, the 9% decline of whites is just another lie, as George Carlin would say.

  6. There is no reference sample of Covid19 to calibrate any testing used to perpetuate the fraud marketing campaign of a prion like particulate being spread through imported food and vaccine. We know and it is just a matter of time before the responsible will be found and dealt with.
    CDC admits there is no viral isolate to purchase, there is no correlation of disease and contagious vector, the science does not support the marketing campaign of the criminals pushing this death cult. All new admissions are either vaccinated or in direct contact of vaccinated.
    Simple vector analysis shows the source of the disease and the lack of airborne transmission.

    • Sorry but there is no evidence that’s the case I’m aware of. Not putting you down, nor anyone else; but Florida is known for its odd crimes, and criminals. See “The Ion Effect” (1974)? for some of those more likely theories; with data included that supports them.
      Not saying you are wrong, but have never seen or heard of any; and you did not provide any links, or references above?
      Hard telling, not knowing all the facts, if that’s what they are, that you are claiming here.

        • ? Just listing the book that contains the information that I was referencing. Appreciate your 2 cents, so thank you in kind.
          Actually looks like my reply was posted to your post by mistake. My bad, sorry! 🙂

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