Around the Globe, Millions Are RISING Up Against the ‘New World Order’ – Media Blackout

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Millions of citizens globally are rising up against the 'New World Order' elites

Millions of citizens around the globe are rising up against the ‘New World Order’ and rejecting the endless restrictions of governments that have used Covid as an excuse to seize more power and control for the elites.

Aaron Ginn, a former political operative, shared video on Saturday from around the world of people rising up against tyranny.

WATCH: reports: The Democrats and their allies in the media have successfully convinced a large part of America that these restrictions are normal and protesters are kooks, using phrases like “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy theorists” or saying it’s part of the “Big Lie” as they call objections to election fraud. The government has locked us down with restrictions, but it’s the media that has locked us down as a people.

Across the world, people are in the street night after night refusing to go quietly into dystopia. If we don’t throw off the shackles of CNN, will we ever see it here?


  1. Here Daniel Andrews, draconian lockdown Queen of Australia has been charged with treason by private people Here’s wah he’s accused of The private prosecution of the Premier and the CEO of the state of Victoria (INC) has today (3rd November 2021) been ‘filed and served’ at the electorate office of Dan Andrews at Noble Park at 2pm.
    This completes the legal process to activate the criminal action against the defendant for the crimes of concealing the unlawful removal of the constitutional monarch, without a national referendum (S128 Constitutional Act.
    Get the picture?

  2. Read the Bible, the antichrist are many. It states so very clearly. They are the Yiddish=Ashkanazis=GOG from the North who take over Israel, then the world=as the NWO. They are the white jews who converted to Judaism to cover the truth: they worship Lucifer. They are the sIN of GOG of Satan. Lucifer’s minions who hate God, Jesus and Mary. The original Israelites were black. God’s chosen people are Black. The antichrist are the white people who pose as jews but are from Eastern Europe and converted in the year 823 AD to jews=in order to hide the truth of who they really do worship=the evil one. They do not believe in the Divinity of Jesus Christ. They are the enemies of God and all that is Holy. They are the NWO, bringing you Covid, WW3 and Starvation so you will all take their Mark=the mark of the beast=the digital ID. They are Yiddish not hebrews. They lie, hate, destroy all life around them and break every commandment of God. They want you to destroy your souls and take you back with them where they come from=HELL. They are demonic, psychopaths. There is no limit to the evil they are capable of and plan to do to the children of God, to people who worship God in any religion, and reject their God, Lucifer. They made Russia into a Hell and consecrated it to Lucifer in the blood/torture/starvation/slavery of 66 Million Christians=they still run it completely control it. They did the same in China to 100’s of Millions. Before that, there were more christians in China than in the rest of the entire world, put together. Then they took over Israel and America and Europe and everywhere they can, when World War 3 comes, very soon, they are the ones who will orchestrate it secretly and Russia and China are still their puppets. They are responsible for satanism becoming the religion of the “elite”. They control the money system the world Bank and will use it the control the world. What they call “communism” is not communism. It is Satanism. The NWO is their Luciferian one world religion. They will destroy the entire earth and all life on it because their one goal and desire is to return to Hell where they love it=they love war and bloodshed and violence and controlling slaves and torturing people. Look how they treated the people in the Middle East when they welcomed the devils in. They want you all dead and in Hell for their sadistic pleasure. Satanism is torture and all the sins that prevent any forgiveness from God are their satanic rituals. Just as the Catholic religion is for one purpose, to get your souls to Heaven. In contrast the white imposter jews who are 100% evil psychopaths, demons in human form, have one religion=the new one world religion our Pope is promoting and trying to turn the Catholic Church into: One that ensure all of you who are forced to be part of it, will lose your souls and become demons in Hell after you die for all eternity. The worship of Lucifer is the exact opposite of the Catholic Church. They want you to end up in Hell and be slaves to Lucifer, no free will at all forever. The end of this age is coming. You can reject the devil and their commands to be evil like they are, or you can LOVE GOD with ALL your heart and SOUL and be in heaven for all eternity. You can’t have both. You can’t serve 2 masters. Choose God or the antichrist and their MONEY=they own and run it and want you to take their Mark=the digital ID=mark of the beast. If you accept them=the antichrist and do not reject them, you will be lost from God forever. They and all psychopaths and freemasons are all one hive mind=they are all Lucifer in many bodies. 1 John 2:18, “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that Antichrist cometh, even now there are become many Antichrists: whereby we know that it is the last hour.”

  3. Cool and all, except TPTB own everything involved in the survival of the people who will even even begin to make any realizations.

    In other words, by the time any neurons are firing, the shortages and supply chain issues will have already happened.

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