California Votes to Ban All Covid Related Dissent By Doctors

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California governor

California’s legislature is voting to ban all Covid vaccine dissent by doctors.

The full time legislature has been made up of a Democratic Party super-majority for years and is backed by Democrats in every office statewide.

This has emboldened them to enact anything they want with what essentially amounts to no checks or balances.

If Klaus Schwab ‘graduate’, Governor Newsom signs the legislation, there will be only one approved opinion…. that of the state.

The Epoch Times reports: The recently completed legislative session provided more stunning examples of their excesses. They voted to set wages for fast food workers, permit abortion through the ninth month and fund services for it for out-of-state residents, and implement climate change initiatives requiring a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 85 percent. State regulators also recently voted to completely ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

But perhaps most stunningly, the one-party state’s lawmakers voted to suppress all dissent by doctors when it comes to COVID-19. Assembly Bill 2098 effectively creates a “Ministry of Truth” that assures all information disseminated by doctors in the state conforms with the opinion of the ruling party. It directs the state’s medical board to take action against any doctor who spreads misinformation or disinformation about COVID-19. Under the legislation, it’s “unprofessional conduct” to spread such information regarding “the nature and risks of the virus; COVID-19 prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.”

The legislation is on California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for his signature. The breadth of the proposal is astounding: It bans both misinformation and disinformation. In case you don’t know the difference, the legislation defines each. The ruling party stated that “misinformation” means “false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.” “Disinformation” means “misinformation that the licensee deliberately disseminated with malicious intent or an intent to mislead.”

Based on these definitions, the banning of “disinformation” could potentially be understandable, since it sets a higher standard. The doctor must be shown to act with malice or intent to mislead by providing misinformation. But the law bans misinformation! So a doctor who merely provides information not in conformance with the “medical consensus” is subject to punishment! Is this not like the Catholic Church jailing Galileo for suggesting that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe? How will medicine progress if “consensus” can’t be challenged?


  1. The solution is simple, have every medical professional with 2 warm brain cells get out of the state and set up shop in a state with more common sense. Let California rot. The problem is most doctors are brainwashed and of the hive mind. They don’t have the grapefruits to stand up for the truth. Or they just refuse to see it.

    • Good solution; but having lived in CA for most of my 67 yrs and left last year, I don’t think doctors will do much to fight back. The good ones already have retired and the ones left will continue to comply just to hang on to their license. You’re right, they don’t have the grapefruits to stand up for truth – which means they shouldn’t be practicing medicine. 2 yrs ago, when my husband was extremely ill and we didn’t know what was wrong, last thing I wanted to do was send him to the hospital, where they might well have killed him with a ventilator, I called our doctor and asked him if he would prescribe HCQ as a Right to Try procedure. He refused. He was willing to let my husband die rather than risk his license. That was it for me, we didn’t go back to him and instead we left CA. I really wonder if it will ever regain its sanity.

    • I don’t know for sure, but the medical industry have strings attached to doctors now.
      I think they are given memos that tell them “normal practices” to go by when a patient comes to them with a certain symptom.
      for instance, my cholesterol was “high” about 20 years ago, and the doctor was prescribing me statins, at 40 years oldish. My blood pressure was super good. I didn’t have any bad symptoms of anything but she pushed me for statins for years. I eventually moved and went to another doctor for check ups, they would push for statins for me as well. I continued to refuse.
      I am pushing 60 now, my bp is 116/65, 160lbs, 5’7″ tall. My cholesterol is still high.
      Turns out there is a new study about cholseterol. it has nothing to with heart disease….NOTHING.! that BS was based on a really bad study from back in the 60s or 70s. NO CONNECTION WITH CHOLESTEROL AND HEART DISEASE, NONE!!!

      Cholesterol is MADE by your body for use to make testosterones, estrogen, a whole list of hormones and molecules, even Vitamin D.
      Low on cholesterol is a bad issue for your body.

      For decades, doctors have been poisoning the public with Statins. If you are on them, quit them and go on a zero sugar, starch diet. start with that.

      • I’m sure you’re already hip to this but the organ that uses the most cholesterol is your brain. Without it you’re basically dead. The most prescribed medication is statins which essentially pulls cholesterol from your body. Ever notice how Alzheimer’s has skyrocketed in recent years? Of course they’ll never cop to it.

        • yes, it is brain food. it is a hard to find secret. Last time I searched it up there was only one or two articles about that. but yes, when the medical industry gives the populations statins, they want to dumb us down, along witht he Fluoride.

    • Ego trumps logic every time. The desire to be in the “in-group” versus “out-group”, to be viewed as being “right” by the perceived majority who establishes what is “right”, even if it is wrong. Humans will do mental gymnastics to justify this divorce from logic and give magical abilities to viruses and vaccines in a very faith-based-religious-like way. It is part of human’s survival instincts, as humans are more apt to survive as social creatures.

      And if you think about it, the people who can see through all this BS, part of the reason they can see through this, is because while they might be self-conscious in other areas of their life, they are self-assured of their thoughts and observations in the face of peer pressure, shame and threat of being cast in the out-group. In other words, when it comes to the interpretation of the facts in front of them, they have a solid ego that is impervious to mob manipulation and fantastical claims by those trying to exploit a crisis.

      People tend to imagine doctors as infallible gods, the ultimate authorities, but they are humans, and just as impressionable as anyone else.

  2. The Pope said its everyones moral duty to get vaccinated. Hes their leader. Hes the moral authority .
    Hes the one Reiner Fuelmeicher ,or whatever his name was who ran Nuremberg 2.0 named as the number one perpetrator of the covid scam .

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