Fauci Slammed For Attacking Vaccine Hesitancy While Backing Tough Covid Restrictions

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Dr Fauci

Dr Anthony Fauci is being blasted by critics for criticizing Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy while continuing to promote tough restrictions even for those who have already had the vaccines.

Fauci, who is an ‘expert’ on infectious diseases, has also been slammed for weighing in on gun violence and calling it a ‘public health issue.’

RT reports: Asked about recent polling showing nearly half of Republicans are still hesitant about receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, White House health advisor Fauci called the trend “frustrating” and “paradoxical.”

“It’s almost paradoxical that, on the one hand, they want to be relieved of the [public health] restrictions, but, on the other hand, they don’t want to get vaccinated. It just almost doesn’t make any sense,” he told CNN on Sunday.

Fauci has received criticism recently for promoting health restrictions such as avoiding indoor dining and continuing to wear masks in public even after vaccination, leading many to say the health official is feeding into fears regarding vaccines. In his CNN interview, Fauci continued to say vaccinated individuals should continue protecting themselves and others from the virus.

“One can get vaccinated, have no clinical disease at all but get infected, and not even know it,” he explained, adding that someone could “inadvertently transmit it to somebody else who might actually be unvaccinated and get ill.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald took issue with Fauci asserting that pandemic restrictions and arguments over vaccinations and masks have “nothing to do with liberties,” even comparing the opinion to those arguing for restrictions on liberties in the heat of the War on Terror.

“What Fauci says here is absurd. That COVID is a public health crisis doesn’t mean it ‘has nothing to do with civil liberties.’ Of course lockdowns, mandates, vaccine passports, etc. affect civil liberties. Doesn’t mean those rights should always prevail, but denying that is inane,” Greenwald tweeted. 

“What about someone who wants to get vaccinated but has his vaccine appointment cancelled because of unwarranted vaccine hesitance that is most certainly not coming from Republicans?” Tablet Magazine editor Noam Blum added in a tweet, adding to the wave of criticism the government has received for its pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccines after multiple individuals developed blood clots. 

Fauci predicted in his interview that the pause on the vaccine would likely be lifted. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisory panel will be meeting to discuss the matter on Friday.

“My estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form. I doubt very seriously they’ll just cancel it. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I do think that there will likely be some sort of warning or restriction or risk assessment,” he said.

Though he remains a controversial figure in debates stemming from the current pandemic, Fauci is also branching out into other areas he deems “public health”-related, and earning pushback for doing so. On Sunday, he even weighed in on the issue of gun violence in the US, seemingly positioning himself as a figure of authority on the problem.

“When you see people getting killed, I mean, in this last month, it’s just been horrifying what’s happened. How can you say that’s not a public health issue?” he said.



  1. There is no reason to be pushing vaccines like this. The number of people refusing the vaccine is not what they are stating. The numbers are FAR HIGHER and why they are panicked. Skeptics are rejecting the vaccine because what our government is doing, and foreign governments are doing, does not make sense based on the data. Sheeple, like CNN watchers, are being groomed to use peer pressure and guilt trips to force those on the fence to take it. This whole situation is just to further divide the nuclear family and communities. All the distractions in the world are not going to change my position about what I see happening.

  2. It’s too late bow Anyone who didn’t see clearly his role 14 months ago is basically doomed to be his servant now Even rhe worlds most powerful man couldnt sack him because of his “Circle and league of fans .” All in it together being much more powerful than a mere President All of the ses and the rest in the . Magic Circle Club The bureaucrats in the SES cannot be sacked ,are not democratically elected ,act as if a SECRET SOCIETY

  3. The CAR3S act which became law in march 2020 was INTRODUCED I January 2019.Remeber that premeditqtion or was it prescience from the omnipotent infallible scientists ? It was introduced, on public record ,as rhe CORONA VIRUS AID RECOVERY AND ECONOMIC STIMULUS package in January 2019 .Remember that .Never forget .

    • Never forget they in the parliament and all those who follow American politics ,were all AWARE of its planning from Janyary 2019 They were sitting debating and shaping that Act for 14 months prior to its becoming Law and over a year before Wuhan . .All of them in it together None admitting What Wuhan virus ? What a load of it .

      • And dont forget that it would, most likely, have been MONTHS in discussion before, even years ,before it was even introduced

        • And also do not overlook that it was and is the BIGGEST economic Bill ever passed in American history I believe that’s the case Just think about how QUIETLY the whole HISTORIC 2.2 Trillion dollar package was snuk through Why ? .???

          • Most likely the biggest economic Bill or act ever passed in the history of the entire world .Snuk through quietly as POSSIBLE .

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