Two Hand Grenades Detonated In Colorado

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A US news crew found a WWII-era hand grenade in Boulder County, Colorado, just one day after another hand grenade had been found by an unsuspecting couple. 

The area was closed off by authorities after the initial discovery on Wednesday night. reports:

In a news release, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says one ranger was calling another ranger about the device when 9NEWS Reporter Christine Noel found the grenade.

Longmont Emergency Unit crews will be out Thursday morning looking for more explosives. It’s unclear how the grenades got there.

The Boulder Bomb Squad, Boulder County Sheriff’s Department, Boulder County Parks and Recreation and the Louisville Fire Department helped respond.

This comes after Boulder County couple Raechel Wine and Anthony Perkins stepped on a hand grenade at the lake near Broomfield at around 8:10 p.m. Tuesday. It did not detonate. When the pair realized what they found, they called 911.

Police taped off the lake Wednesday night (Photo: Christine Noel, KUSA)
Boulder County deputies rushed to the lake and closed off the area. Deputies said Wine and Perkins were the only people at the lake at that time.

The Boulder County Regional Bomb Squad was called to the lake and determined the grenade was live, and likely from the WWII era.

Bomb squad members said rust had developed on the grenade’s surface and decided to use explosives to detonate it.

The Boulder County Explosives Disposal Team utilized C-4 plastic explosive to dispose of the device.

No one was injured and no property was damaged either.

Deputies don’t know how long ago the grenade had been thrown into the lake, or who was responsible for doing so. However, deputies say the couple was walking in an area where the lake’s water had receded, causing them to conclude the device had been there for a while.