Pelosi’s San Fransisco Named ‘Poop Capital’ Of America

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Nancy Pelosi's San Fransisco named poop capital of America

Nanci Pelosi’s San Fransisco has become the official “poop capital” of America, with 20,899 complaints of fecal matter recorded in 2017 alone. 

“…the number of unique poop complaints every year from 2011 to 2018, and the number almost tripled, from 5,606 complaints in 2011 to 20,899 complaints in 2017, making San Francisco the doo-doo capital of the U.S.,” a new report states.

American Mirror reports: The city received 16,319 complaints by August 31st this year, “and it is quite possible that San Francisco will once again break the record if the amount of waste continues at its current pace,” according to the site.

In the new movie, “Dummycrats,” social media stars Diamond and Silk visit Pelosi’s district, where they come upon a member of the “poop patrol” power washing the sidewalk.


The film covers the poop problem plaguing the city, and the residents who are fed up with high taxes, dangerous streets and deplorable conditions.

The city’s solution is to deploy more poop patrols, which come with a big price tag.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported in August:

San Francisco Public Works has a $72.5 million-a-year street cleaning budget — including spending $12 million a year on what essentially have become housekeeping services for homeless encampments.

The costs include $2.8 million for a Hot Spots crew to wash down the camps and remove any biohazards, $2.3 million for street steam cleaners, $3.1 million for the Pit Stop portable toilets, plus the new $830,977-a-year Poop Patrol to actively hunt down and clean up human waste.

(By the way, the poop patrolers earn $71,760 a year, which swells to $184,678 with mandated benefits.)

“Dummycrats” is in theaters October 15th. For tickets, visit

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