Cameron Warns Of British Casualties Following Paris Attacks

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A number of Britons are feared to be among those who were killed during the attacks in Paris, David Cameron has said.

Condemning the ‘brutal and callous murderers’  Cameron warned that“we must be prepared for a number of British casualties” from the Paris atrocity.

“…however much we prepare, we in the UK face the same threat,” the British Prime Minister also warned.

He also said that the terror threat level in the UK would remain at “severe”, but that the attacks would prompt a review of plans. He suggested that  the threat posed by ISIS was “evolving”.

The Guardian reports:

Ahead of a phone call with French president, François Hollande, he said: “Your pain is our pain. Your fight is our fight … My message to the French people is simple. We stand with you united.”

He said the threat from Isis was evolving and showed a “greater ambition for mass casualties”, which the UK must be prepared for.

Cameron did not raise Britain’s level of terrorist threat to critical, but urged people to remain vigilant as they went about their lives as normal. He said there had been a major review of security over the summer, but that it would be looked at again in light of the Paris attacks.

Cameron called the attacks “horrifying and sickening” on his Twitter feed, having already pledged late on Friday to help France in whatever way he could.

Mark Rowley, the Met’s assistant commissioner for specialist operations in London, said there would be a heightened police presence at British airports, ports and major events over the coming days.

The UK’s threat level remains at the second highest level, severe, meaning an attack is deemed highly likely.

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