Syrian & Egyptian Passports Found Near Bodies Of Paris Suicide Bombers

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Syrian and Egyptian passports have reportedly been found at the site of the suicide bombing at the Stade de France stadium in Paris.

Police officials have said that a Syrian passport was found on the body of one of the suicide bombers who targeted  the Franch national football stadium

According to the Independent It has not been established whether the Syrian passport is genuine, with many analysts pointing out false Syrian passports can be easily obtained within the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.



AFP and The French newspaper Libération have reported that one of the attackers who carried out the Bataclan shooting has been confirmed as a French extremist who was known to police.

The Libération also reports that an Egyptian passport was found on one of the attackers the Stade de France, as well as the Syrian passport.

As you will notice, even though the reports differ in as much as some say the passports were found at the site while other say they were found near or even on the bodies of the alleged suicide bombers, this is one part of the investigation that is all too familiar….where have we heard about passports turning up before?

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