New Democrat Law Will Fine Mom-and-Pop Shops Who Keep Boys and Girls Clothing in Separate Sections

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New California bill will ban businesses who separate boys and girls toys and clothing in separate sections

A new bill proposed by the Democrat-run state of California would fine mom-and-pop shops, including online stores, that display boys and girls’ toys and clothing in separate sections.

Yes, really.

The new ‘woke’ law introduced by Democratic lawmakers Evan Low and Cristina Garcia will also ban signs that indicate whether the toys and clothing are intended for boys or girls.

Websites would also be forced to show all the items on a single page entitled “kids,” “unisex” or “gender neutral.” reports: Retailers with over 500 employees would be hit with an initial $1,000 fine for non-compliance.

“There are clear political and social motivations behind this bill, namely to use the state to compel “inclusivity” and encourage the “self-expression” of disordered inclinations at a very young age. It’s despicable,” commented Evan James.

As we highlighted earlier, a new Gallup poll found that when it comes to Generation Z, one in six now identify as some form of LGBT.


  1. That’s sensible Look boys and girls are both made of male and female hormones ” male and female He created them both ” the Bible says Not male OR female .The idea of being trans is antiquated and rooted in those stereotypes and archetypes and is stupid .

  2. And I thought we had some strange poisonous animals and beasts in Australia. This Democratic crowd not only a poison on society with wacky ideas, their brains are somewhere out in far space. And you thought Trump was a pain, hah! Compared to this idiocy Trump shines as bloody smart now I bet.

  3. No more male female, for the goal of no more adult child sex restrictions. Unlimited freedom for evil and perversions elites, but no freedom for 99% of population moral normal citizens.

  4. These morons can to ignore nature and pass legislation that bans the sun from rising on Tuesday mornings and tell the tide it can’t come in as much as they want if that’s what gives them their jollies. They will never change the fundamentals of humanity and it’s going to come back big time to bite them on the butt when the public gets sick of their games. It’s already starting with the recall of the California governor and next will be a movement to get rid of that hideous old hag Pelosi.

  5. California’s preoccupation with law-making in these areas–where they clearly should not be–explain perfectly, why the state is in such a mess.

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