Kennedy: Syrian Conflict Started To Secure Qatari Gas Pipeline

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The nephew of the former President John F. Kennedy has blamed the destruction of the Syrian State and the fast rise of ISIS in the Middle East on Washington military planners.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. an American environmental activist and attorney who lost both his uncle and father to assassins, says that the U.S. used seasoned jihadist fighters to try and remove Bashar al-Assad from power in order to implement an ambitious project that would have delivered Gas from the Persian Gulf to the EU via a pipeline running through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.

The project has been talked about for nearly two decades and the pipeline’s route would have taken it through all the areas that were under the control of ISIS.

The Islamic State made a sudden appearance on the world stage demonstrating military capabilities and tactics exceeding expectations.


Sputnik reports:

The $10 billion pipeline project first surfaced in 2000. Nine years later Bashar al-Assad announced that he would not support the initiative that would have granted Qatar direct access to European energy markets via terminals in Turkey.

Soon after that “the CIA began funding opposition groups in Syria,” Kennedy wrote for Politico.

The CIA went ahead with this plan months before the Arab Spring uprising in Syria took place, which clearly indicates that the Syrian conflict is in fact a violent foreign-sponsored insurgency aimed at bringing a pipeline project to life, not a civil war for greater rights or representation.

Moreover, “US intelligence planners knew from the outset that their pipeline proxies were radical jihadists who would probably carve themselves a brand new Islamic caliphate from the Sunni regions of Syria and Iraq,” Kennedy observed.

This is what happened when Daesh fighters launched a blitz offensive on the second largest Iraqi city of Mosul from their Syrian stronghold of Raqqa in June 2014. They later declared an Islamic caliphate on the territories under Daesh control, shocking the world with their brutality, financial resources and military capabilities.

“Not coincidentally, the regions of Syria occupied by the Islamic State exactly encompass the proposed route of the Qatari pipeline,” the expert added.

If completed, the project would have had major geopolitical implications. Ankara would have profited from “rich transit fees.” The project would have also given “the Sunni kingdoms of the Persian Gulf decisive domination of world natural gas markets and strengthen Qatar, America’s closest ally in the Arab world,” the expert noted.

In addition, the pipeline would have also strengthened Saudi Arabia by giving the oil kingdom additional leverage against Iran, whom Riyadh sees as its archenemy.



  1. I think he is right only in a small part. The pipeline is indeed something the establishment would like to create.

    But Syria, like Iraq, is part of a grand plan to re-mold the Middle East into Israel’s liking and secure its hegemony there.

    Politicians like Kennedy would never discuss it for fear of offending America’s Israel Lobby.

    A kind of giant cordon sanitaire has been abuilding around Israel for years, and at an immense cost in lives.

    We have comments over the years from high American officials supporting the concept.

    Condi Rice once brutally called the screams of the hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq something to the effect of the screams of a new-born Middle East.

    George Bush once candidly remarked on how much more Sharon demanded in the Middle East, saying something like I already invaded Iraq. How much more does he want?

    In Iraq,American forces directly invaded, blatant aggression, and to the shock of much of the world.

    In Libya and Syria, surrogates were used with secret support, a very dirty business.

  2. Yup and now the west wants to replace the ISIS, both the happy “moderate” head choppers and the evil head choppers, since the west is loosing their grip, and the next is the people whom UssA is backing as we speak since they control the same region, the Kurds, whom is also in Iran witch I ges is the next in line.

    Nothing spectacular intelligent , just good old fashion imperialism where they pin everybody against each others and it works, that is what YOU have on going right now.
    An color revolution aka Ukraine, and I know some of you never even couldt imagine that could happen in the USA, well, you have it right now.


  3. Hmmm

    The US/Israeli secret and illegal war on Syria was primarily undertaken to ensure that Israel maintains possession of the Golan Heights which it stole from Syria decades ago. In order to do so both the civilian and military infrastructure, along with the duly democratically elected Assad administration had to be destroyed. Thus allowing Syria to be broken into pieces preventing any credible unified military response to Israel’s land illegal annexation of not just the Golan but eventually large swaths of entire country. The carrot dangled in front of treasonous members of the US government, and to provide a phony excuse were the lucrative oil, gas, water and other mineral rights along with the pipeline. People like Dick Cheney own big chunks of the Israeli oil and gas company that was granted the “rights” to everything in the Golan Heights. Coincidence? Not hardly. But all of this is secondary to Israel’s demand for a Jewish only empire fro sea to sea and to the Euphrates River …as outlined by the hard line, militaristic far right wing NutEnYahoo terrorist regime currently in power in Israel. It bears noting that NutEnyahoo is no longer a duly democratically elected leader because he reign in power was arbitrarily extended for years by legislative fiat rather than the will of people expressed by a national vote.
    As usual Israel’s hypocrisy knows no bounds and its lies no limits.

  4. proving once again that the murder of millions of people is worth the price of profits as long as the taxpayers pay for the war

  5. Not entirely true — while the pipeline was no doubt one reason, there’s also the fact that Syria used to provide Russia with access to the Mediterranean. The Bush/Clinton duopoly never liked that.

    • This is total horse shit. So sick of assholes who know NOTHING about what is really going on and just recycle stupid cliches. Syria had several excellent deals w/ Qatar to build pipelines- AND OIL REFINERIES- in conjunction w. Lebanon. But the Zioskanks stepped in and quashed them, because THEY want the GOLAN HEIGHTS (OIL AND WATER) from Syria and ALL the land / resources from Nile to Efrat. Syria supports HEZBOLLAH and Palestinians- so did Saddam. EVERY M.E. slaughter has been for ISRAEL and is part of the nonstop 911 wars to install the ziofilth as regional hegemon. Ask anyone who is actually from that region and they will tell you EXACTLY what the fake Arab Spring of 2005 and Arab Spring 2011 were for- ZIONISM. All the rest is disinfo coverup crap. WTFU

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