Sen. Tim Scott Blows Whistle on Democratic Party: ‘They Are 100% Socialist Now’

Fact checked
Senator Tim Scott calls Democratic Party the socialist party now

Senator Tim Scott has warned that the modern Democratic Party has transformed into a 100% socialist party.

On Thursday, Sen. Scott told Fox News that the Democratic Party has so fully embraced opens border and defunding of police forces that it “is a socialist party now.”

“[W]e see what the Democratic Party is — it’s a socialist party now. They’re all in to socialism,” Scott said on FNC’s “America’s Newsroom.”

“So, the Republicans’ civil war is absolutely canceled. We are going to focus on issues. I won my races, three general elections, one primary, because of issues. That’s what’s going to happen. The Biden administration is making it easier for us. They are killing jobs. They won’t open schools. You know, open borders. All these things. And what we are going to be known for, we are going to help families.”

He continued:

“Republicans are going to be known and we are going to win because we care about your job, your kids’ education, we are going to fund the police — we are not going to what the Democrats are doing is defund the police — we are going to make sure we have strong military because we want to defend our freedoms, and we want to keep our freedoms. We are not going down the path of socialism. So, it’s important for us to make sure we focus on the issues, and the civil war of the Republicans, it is absolutely canceled.”