UK, US want new Iraq war under ‘humanitarian aid’

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Fast on the heels of the US admission that the crisis of the Yazidis was not everything Obama had told us, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said: “There are fewer people there and they are in better condition than expected.”

This is not to say that the Yazidis that are on the mountain do not need aid desperately. They do. But where did the 40,000 facing imminent starvation figure and the claim of a non-existent siege come from? Cameron is not saying. But in the wake of those claims he has declared that effectively the UK — as ever on American coat tails — is about to embark on a new Iraq war, under the guise of “humanitarian intervention”:

“It is very difficult in an area where you have got a lot of fighting taking place, you have got a lot of people moving around,” says Cameron. “So what you need to do is have plans that are flexible enough to respond to that situation. It is important to get the assets into place. That is why the Chinooks are there. That’s why our Tornados are there.”’

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