Australian Senator Has Legislative Proof Covid Was Planned Decades Ago: ‘We Will Expose Your Global Agenda’

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Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts has proof the Covid-19 pandemic was “planned and globally coordinated” decades in advance by globalist figures determined to seize totalitarian control of humanity.

“It has become clear that people in this country and globally have been steam-rolled,” Sen. Robert said in a recent Covid-19 inquiry hearing. “It is also clear that it has been coordinated globally, it is also clear that it has been integrated not just over six months, not just over two years, but over decades.

“The changes in legislation in this country were done so that they could control doctors and people. But the people are waking. We know – and we knew – that this was all bullshit. And we had been had.” Watch:

“But we are going to hound you down, the people that are guilty,” Sen. Roberts continued. “We are going to hound you down and hold you accountable. And we will expose your global agenda so the people of Australia can be free in the future.”

The Australian government has been almost entirely captured by globalist elements in recent years. Sen. Roberts is doing a yeoman’s job in exposing their lies and dystopian agenda.

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Last month it emerged that the Australian government put out a notice instructing doctors to “opportunistically” administer vaccines to unwilling patients while they are sedated or under anesthesia for unrelated procedures.

Australia is one of the most vaccinated nations in the world, however it appears the government has not given up on reaching a 100% vaccination rate – with or without the consent of those being vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Pfizer has admitted in Australia that the general public were given different vaccines to company employees.

A Pfizer spokesperson admitted company employees were given a “special batch” of Covid-19 vaccine, materially different to the vaccine distributed to the rest of the population.

The shocking revelation came during a Senate hearing in Australia, when the Pfizer spokesperson revealed that the Big Pharma giant imported a special batch of COVID-19 vaccines solely for their employee vaccination program.

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts led the interrogation of Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director, Dr. Krishan Thiru, and Head of Regulatory Sciences, Dr. Brian Hewitt, with his forceful inquiries eventually leading to Dr. Thiru admitting Pfizer employees did not receive the normal vaccine. Watch:

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