‘Longest Pause in History’: RFK Jr Freezes When Asked About Israel’s Control Over US Politicians

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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. freezed up and “did the longest pause in human history” when he was asked about Israel’s control over US politicians in a recent interview.

Asked “Do you have concerns about the level of Israeli influence in our politics here in the United States of America?” by Dave Smith, Kennedy Jr. sat rigid with fear for a few long seconds before essentially pleading ignorance. Watch:

Smith shared a preview of the interview Saturday on X.

I’m sure RFK Jr has no knowledge of Israel’s influence — he would have froze up just the same if he was asked about the power of the China Lobby, no doubt!

InformationLiberation report: Last year, after being accused of anti-Semitism by the media, Kennedy deleted a tweet praising Roger Waters, pledged his “lifelong support” for Israel and joined a pro-Israel march with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach where he waved an Israeli flag.

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Nonetheless, as RFK Jr told Smith, he’s “not a politician in political office” so apparently he “doesn’t see much” of their influence!

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