Elon Musk Claims ‘The Only Action Needed To Solve Climate Change Is A Carbon Tax’

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk has just reiterated his belief in the need for carbon taxes, backing up calls from the World Economic Forum for a “globally coordinated system of carbon taxes.”

In a recent tweet, the Tesla CEO and X/Twitter owner called for the introduction of carbon taxes, reiterating recent calls for a “global coordinated system of carbon taxes” by the WEF.

Breitbart notes that their news reporter Kurt Zindulka recently reported on the antics of the WEF:

During a panel discussion on the “Global Economic Outlook” on Friday during the annual WEF meeting in the Swiss ski resort town of Davos, Al-Jadaan argued that in order to solve the supposed climate crisis, a global carbon tax will be required.

“There is no realistic solution to the climate transition that does not involve a globally coordinated system of carbon taxes,” the Saudi politician said.

“What we need is a system of carbon taxes coupled with subsidies for developing households and a stream of funding for the developing world, to allow them to engage in investments and mitigations and adaption that allows them to keep growing. And that’s a real opportunity,” Al-Jadaan continued.

“It’s a fair solution and it’s the only realistic solution, and we can’t keep ducking it,” he concluded.

In a recent tweet, Musk stated “The only action needed to solve climate change is is a carbon tax.”

Conservatives, including some who have hailed Musk as a free speech hero, were quick to voice their descent with Musk’s position on carbon taxes, which would likely benefit Tesla

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