Belgian government agree on Palestinian statehood

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Belgian government agree on Palestinian statehood

Belgium’s federal government have reportedly reached an agreement to unilaterally recognise the state of Palestine.

Belgium’s four main parties — the Reformist Movement, the Flemish Liberals and Democrats, the Christian-Democratic and Flemish Party, and the New Flemish Alliance — are to submit a motion supporting the recognition of a Palestinian state to the Belgian parliament “at a moment deemed appropriate.” reports Press TV

Sweden is the only European country that has officially recognized Palestine’s statehood, although several other EU parliaments have also adopted similar bills, which demand that their governments recognize Palestine as a state.

Israel has been angered by the motions submitted to European parliaments.

This week also saw French lawmakers vote in favor of a motion to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

Denmark is set to join other European countries in voting on a symbolic resolution calling for the recognition of the state of Palestine while Britain, France and Spain have all held symbolic votes.


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