Child From Evolved Human Race Discovered Living In China

Fact checked
New human race discovered in China

Residents in China claim that a child living in the Chinese city of Dahua is a new type of evolved human being. 

Nong Yousui has bright blue eyes that have a neon glow in the dark – just like a cat’s.

According to experts, the boy can see in complete darkness just as clearly as other people can see in the light. reports: After his teacher shared his unusual abilities on the internet, skeptical reporter from Beijing decided to check the information with the specialists.

They made an experiment in which the information is confirmed. Little Nong is the first living man that can see in the dark.

According to specialists, it is not a random change. Namely, this change isn’t a mutation consequence but more of an evolution consequence.


  1. rubbish, but then many are all to happy to accept that the Chinese “evolved” from apes….just sayin

  2. Interesting. I just checked on this and the boy is still alive and has verified multiple times that he can see in almost pure darkness. In addition, other children in China are being born with the same trait, seemingly unrelated from each other.

  3. China does a lot of mean things to cats. It would be no surprise that they are using them in some sick kind of experimentation. And many of those people eat cats. I am sure there is some sort of explanation. A country with mandatory abortion could be doing anything to their people. Isn’t America performing animal and human gene crossing? If America is doing it, you know that China is on it also.

  4. Oh! Now I remember that girl I dated from Dahua! I was wondering why she was so secretive those last few days we dated. I sure do love them Asian girls.

  5. Oh, SURE he’s…ahem…a “higher” evolved human being!! He has BLUE EYES!! (Oy vey. Here we go AGAIN!!)

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